4 Vital Cleaning Tips for Your Daycare Center Post-COVID-19

We all know that cleaning is paramount in any given residential property or commercial space. However, it is all the more necessary when there are kids around, especially at home or school! This is why robust cleaning measures must be set in place in certain spaces, such as a daycare center. If you own or […]

Cleaning Your Office [Here’s Why You Should Outsource]

Having regular office cleaning services is crucial in maintaining your office space’s cleanliness, your staff’s health, and maintaining high morale. However, budget constraints and cost-saving efforts may make it difficult to continue with an in-house cleaning and janitorial service.  Another solution for this is to consider outsourcing your commercial cleaning services to maintain the same […]

3 Tips to Keep Your Reception Area Clean

People always say that you should not judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, this happens quite often, whether we realize it or not. This is especially true in the business world, where customers quickly form opinions and impressions of a company just by its branding. For instance, when customers see a poorly-made logo, they […]

6 Reasons You Should Invest in a Commercial Cleaning Company

Most office workers spend more time at work than they do in their homes. That is why workspaces need to be safe and comfortable to provide an environment that is conducive to work. If you own a commercial office space, it is your responsibility to keep it safe, clean, and in top condition at all […]

Best Practices for Cleaning Office Buildings

We’ve all heard the phrase “sweeping it under the rug.” It’s an expression that is used for various aspects of life, however, we’ve all had that surprise visitor where we are running against the clock to clean up, hiding things under beds, in closets and even that dreaded “junk drawer.”  But just because a room […]

Is “Clean” the new “Sexy”?

November 1, 2020 | See the post at Lifestyle I am willing to bet that before COVID-19, you never thought you would be so excited to get your hands on a case of wipes.  Times have certainly changed. With Florida entering the final phase of reopening, janitorial services are a crucial component for every business to […]