Using EPA-Approved Disinfectants for Best Results

Keeping your customers, staff and students safe and healthy in your business or school is extremely important, especially now. However, you don’t want to use just any cleaning solution to spray and wipe down your surfaces. Having a cleaning solution that disinfects and is better for people is key in ensuring everyone’s health and well-being.  […]

6 Reasons You Need Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Office

Many employees spend more waking hours at the office than in their own homes. When groups of people spend so much time in one place, it becomes challenging to keep it clean—especially if they feel like it’s not their responsibility to. While many employees keep their own cubicles tidy, it’s too much to expect your […]

5 Spots in Your Workplace That Need Cleaning [Our Guide]

Keeping your workplace free from dirt, germs, viruses, and bacteria should be one of your top priorities, especially during this pandemic. By investing in commercial cleaning services, you can also impress your clients and visitors, as you create a healthy working environment for your employees and prevent them from getting ill.  While your office may […]

Why Commercial Cleaning Services Are Extremely Beneficial

There are so many benefits to commercial cleaning services. Every nook and cranny of your office space will be thoroughly cleaned, with the assurance that everything is free of dust and dirt. Commercial cleaning companies come with the right equipment and tools for a good professional job to be done every time, where you and […]

5 Best Ways for Your Office to Stay Clean and Pristine

A great number of folks end up spending most of their days, and even nights, in the office. With all that time spent, it’s normal to think that this space is healthy and spotless. Unfortunately, offices are usually one of the dirtiest places to be at. Have a phone on your desk? It has over […]

COVID Cleaning Resolutions

January 1, 2021 : See The Article at > 2021 has finally arrived. Here is a new resolution to add to your list: root out 2020’s grit and grime, and give your office and home a deep clean to kick off the year right. Do not wait for the proverbial “spring cleaning.” Get it […]