3 Main Reasons Why Car Dealerships Need Commercial Cleaners

Car dealership businesses are a privilege and a challenge to manage. Cleanliness is one aspect worth mentioning because it concerns a wide range of concerns. From the showroom to the restrooms, you and the staff may find it difficult to maintain order at all times due to the daily influx of customers. Fortunately, you can […]

Changes in Janitorial Practices to Prep for School Reopening

Although life seems to be going back to normal with the pandemic easing, it is fair to say that normal will not be the same. For instance, some businesses may have gone remote for good, while other institutions may maintain their more meticulous janitorial checklist to keep their property in great shape.  Cleaning practices are […]

What to Do Before You Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

When you’re preoccupied with running your business, you and your staff may be too busy to prioritize the cleanliness of your workplace. Although it’s great for your bottom line that you have too much work to do, it can also make you unavailable to attend to simple tasks. Over time, the inability to focus on […]

How the Pandemic Has Changed Americans’ Cleaning Habits

Plus Our Insights as a Commercial Cleaning Company The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much about our lives this past year. We changed how we worked, shopped and what we did for entertainment. We spent more time with our families at home and learned to navigate new ways of doing things in our daily life, […]

Men of Influence: Mark Cedar

May Edition 2021 | See it at Las Olas Lifestyle Magazine What single accomplishment are you most proud of, and why?I am most proud of growing my commercial cleaning company,AK Building Services, from a small, local business to a mature,state-wide company. I started my professional career as a CPA in acut-throat, corporate environment. Against all […]

4 High-Risk Office Items You Need to Clean Regularly

Keeping your office building in top shape is important. You must invest in the maintenance and repair of the building’s interior and exterior and set rules to ensure that all employees preserve the building. Luckily, this responsibility does not have to fall solely to you or your staff; there are condo building services available to […]

Daycare Cleaning During COVID-19 [What Has Changed]

COVID-19 has changed everything. The world went from open and free to lockdowns and more stringent regulations. This is especially true for commercial cleaning services. According to custodial workers, there is a growing emphasis on adapting daycare cleaning procedures. This is due to parents going back to work and children going back to educational settings.  […]