Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Office

Office maintenance and upkeep is essential because it affects the whole operations of your business. When you have a clean office space, you reduce the presence of harmful bacteria and viruses present, especially now that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. 

Because of COVID-19, businesses are more serious about deep cleaning their office space to keep everyone safe. Besides keeping your employees safe, having a clean office also encourages a healthy working environment and keeps your employees productive. 

Deep cleaning and disinfecting your office space on your own can be challenging. For this reason, business owners get commercial cleaning services to ensure that they clean and disinfect the area thoroughly, making it a safer environment for their team. 

If you’re thinking of getting your office space maintained, keep reading. Below is everything you need to know about cleaning and disinfecting your office. Let’s get to it!

Regular office cleaning

Regular office cleaning is the cleaning practices your employees undertake daily, weekly, or monthly. Some standard cleaning practices are taking out the trash, wiping tables, cleaning the pantry, dusting surfaces, and more.

The behind this is that besides keeping the work environment tidier and more appealing, you’re giving them the responsibility to keep the office in top shape, encouraging them to work effectively. 

Deep office cleaning

Most of the time, regular cleaning isn’t enough, and a thorough, deep clean is needed. This is where your local commercial cleaning services come in. 

When you hire a cleaning company to deep clean and disinfect your space, they clean every nook and cranny of the area, from cleaning the floors and tile grout to changing air filters, cleaning your couches and chairs, and sanitizing all your office surfaces. These are vital tasks to ensure your space is spotless and have eliminated any germs and bacteria present.

Unlike regular cleaning, which can be done daily or weekly, deep cleaning doesn’t need to be as frequent. It’s best to have your office deep cleaned two to three times a year. 

COVID-19 cleaning safety

Because of the pandemic, more businesses are strict about cleaning and disinfecting practices, especially when people regularly come in and out of your space. However, regular cleaning and deep cleaning aren’t enough, and it’s up to individuals to stay responsible and maintain cleanliness during these times. 

To deal with this, it’s best to set up hand washing and sanitizing stations in high-traffic areas where people always pass through, such as your main entrance or near the comfort rooms. Besides that, having microfiber cloths ready for sudden clean-ups is necessary, especially when you’re bringing parcels and other items inside your office. 

Some businesses will even work with cleaning companies to install disinfection mist stations to help disinfect an individual’s whole body before entering an office space. 


Depending on the size of your office space, your cleaning schedule will vary. The bottom line is cleaning and disinfecting, especially now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, is necessary. Now that you have an overview of how to clean and disinfect your working space, it’s best to book commercial cleaning services to keep your office space clean and safe. 
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3 Ways to Help Your Employees Feel Safe at Work Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about an unprecedented level of fear and anxiety among the people. In just a matter of a few days, it was able to shut down physical operations, halt physical gatherings, and confine people to their homes. 

Moreover, it is worth remembering that this crisis has and continues to deal a huge blow to the world’s economy. Because of this, businesses and firms are striving to keep their ventures up and running. 

Some have turned to a completely remote setup to keep the operations going while simultaneously safeguarding their employees. However, it pays to remember that this arrangement does not apply to all businesses. In reality, some firms require certain functions to be performed inside the business’ premises. 

If you can relate to this situation, you know how challenging it is to ensure the continuity of your operations and protect your employees at the same time. Furthermore, you also need to acknowledge that your employees may have concerns about physically reporting to work.

The good news is that there are actionable steps you can take to ease their worries and keep everyone safe inside your premises, like the following: 

1. Observe Social Distancing Measures at All Times 

Despite the differences in the situations across the states, the CDC still recommends that social distancing measures be observed in public places. Complying with this is an effective way to protect your team and help them feel safe while at work. 

On that note, here are some particular steps you can take: 

  • Send regular memos reminding your team to practice social distancing at all times. Having posters up will help as well. 
  • See to it that the work stations are also placed apart from each other. 
  • Discourage your employees from eating together. 

While all of these measures will certainly impact the atmosphere in your workplace, it can help slow the spread of the virus inside. 

2. Set Up Staggered Shifts 

This is an effective way to ensure that social distancing measures are observed. When there are fewer people inside the workplace at any given time, you make it easier for them to avoid unnecessarily crowding together. This can also help them remain socially distant, even if they may have to move around sometimes. Ultimately, this can help make your employees feel more comfortable in the office. 


With that said, setting up staggered shifts will not be easy, especially if this is your first time. You will need to consider various factors aside from your team’s safety, such as the ease of collaboration and productivity. 

Nevertheless, know that you are not required to get it right immediately. As you go along, you will be able to discover better arrangements for your team and the company as a whole. 

3. Invest in Cleaning and Sanitation Services 

Most importantly, you must enlist professional cleaning services for your workplace.

In these sensitive times, having your premises regularly cleaned and sanitized will go a long way in keeping it free from viruses and germs. Moreover, this will help make your employees feel safe, despite being in a public place. This will give them peace of mind knowing that you are actively taking steps to protect them while at work. 

On that note, you must strive to find a company that not only follows the basic protocols for cleaning. They must also have specialized sanitation measures to combat the spread of coronavirus and other harmful microorganisms. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has instilled fear and anxiety among people for the past months. Considering this, some of your employees may still have reservations about reporting to work once again. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to not only ease their doubts but also protect them while at work. The three tips mentioned above are just some of the many effective strategies you can implement to safeguard them amidst these sensitive times. 
If you are looking for dependable office cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than AK Building Services! We use only EPA-approved hospital-grade products to clean, disinfect, and sanitize your office spaces. Get in touch with us at 561-471-8817 to get a free quote!

4 Great Advantages of Regularly Cleaning Your Office Carpets

Your office is more than just to present to your clients and customers; it is the place where your most valuable resource—your employees—make their second home. As such, it is important to keep it clean and conducive to productivity. One of the ways you can ensure this is through the regular cleaning of your office carpets. 

Not only can this improve the quality of your workspaces, it can mitigate various risks to the health of your employees. Beyond health, however, there are quite a number of benefits to regular carpet cleaning. This article will go over some of these benefits in depth, should you remain unconvinced. 

1. It keeps the office clean and healthy

Carpets collect all manner of dirt and grime in their life, especially since the undersides of shoes are in contact with them at all times. Over time, this grime and filth can accumulate and ruin the overall quality of your air. It can gather dust and aggravate respiratory conditions, in addition to becoming a home for mold and mildew. 

This article has mentioned health before, but this is a paramount concern that cannot be overstated. Not only will proper cleaning help you avoid health violations, but also ensure that your employees are healthy. 

2. It keeps the company productive

Studies have shown that preventative measures are more effective for keeping a company productive in terms of health than any other. One of the ways you could prevent health concerns is by regularly cleaning your carpets. After all, employees might find it hard to go about their work if they have a stuffy nose from your dusty and filthy carpets. Not only that, but people tend to feel better about their work if it is done in a clean and fresh environment.

3. It keeps your employees safe

Carpets eventually become misaligned, with stiff creases appearing in various points. This can become hazardous to your staff, causing awful and possibly dangerous workplace accidents. Not only can this cause unnecessary injuries, but these injuries can escalate to expensive lawsuits.

The beauty of carpet cleaning services is that they involve the removal and reinstallation of your carpets. That means, they will be properly aligned at all times, free of tripping hazards and the like. 

4. It keeps your company’s image flawless

One of the worst things that can happen is to have the reputation of your company or business tarnished because of unclean offices. After all, your office is representative of your company’s core values. It is important that it is at its best as much as possible. Failing to keep it clean could not only turn off potential partners and clients, but also ruin the image of your business to your own employees. 

Final thoughts

There are many keys to the success of a business, and one of these is attention to detail. Regular carpet cleaning might seem low on the list of priorities in the operations of a business, but it is important to take it into consideration. Such a minor thing can impact your company in bigger ways than you think. If you’re looking for a good carpet cleaning service in Florida, send us at AK Building Services a message. We are Florida’s most dependable commercial cleaning service provider, and have worked for the community for over 25 years.

Tips Every Parent Should Tell Their Kids Before Going to School Each Day

Staying healthy while out in public has never been more important. As a parent, it is crucial that you reinforce preventive actions with your children every day to help them stay healthy while at school. These preventative measures will help them avoid colds and the common flu plus other infections. Here are the tips you should tell your kids before going to school.

Proper Handwashing

One of the most important things anyone can do to stay healthy is to wash your hands properly. If you haven’t already, teach your kids how to wash their hands properly with soap and water for 20 seconds. Remind them to wash their hands throughout the day and to keep up with proper handwashing technique. Give them a portable bottle of hand sanitizer for when they can’t wash their hands but need to clean them.  

Cover Coughs and Sneezes

Remind your children to cover their coughs and sneezes with a tissue or by coughing and sneezing into the crook of their elbow. If they use a tissue, remind your kids to dispose of the tissue in the closest garbage can and then wash their hands properly. 

COVID-19 Safety

If your children are wearing a facemask to protect themselves from COVID-19 during the school day, remind them of some important healthy habits regarding facemasks. Teach them how to properly put on, wear and take off their facemasks, including covering their nose and mouth and to not touch the cloth part of the mask when wearing them or taking them off. Remind them to not share their masks with anyone. Also, remind them that they should take off their mask when they get home for the day and immediately put it in the washer or laundry basket and then wash their hands. Remind them that handwashing is extremely important during this time. 

Other Healthy Habits

Teach your children other healthy habits and remind them of those habits each morning before school. Remind them to not touch their face, especially their eyes. They should also not share cups, straws and utensils with friends and schoolmates. 

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

This school year has been more stressful than past years. Stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on your health, including suppressing your immune system. Remind your children that stress and anxiety are normal but also remind them to reach out if they need help coping. Remind them that talking to their school counselor or their teacher can help them work through their feelings. Teach them coping mechanisms such as calming breathing techniques or writing in a journal, and remind them to use that technique when they feel stressed or upset. The key is to find a coping mechanism that is personalized to your child and then remind them to utilize that technique. Always speak to your child’s doctor about any stress and anxiety that you may not think is normal or is more than the usual stress. 

clean hygienes

Eat Healthy and Exercise

A healthy diet and exercise can help to boost your immune system. Teach your children healthy eating habits and encourage them to make good choices while at school, especially if they choose a school lunch. Remind them to also get some exercise during recess or their lunch break to keep their body healthy.

Places Germs Love to Fester in School Settings

As social distancing measures ease up, students return to classroom settings, masks, and backpacks in tow. Unfortunately, face shields, masks, and even gloves aren’t enough to protect against touchpoints in crowded cafeterias and muddy gyms. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, regular colds alone are responsible for the 22 million school days that thousands of students lose each year. If your educational institution is re-commencing after the holidays, protect against these germ-filled settings. 

  1. The Gym

Bacteria love warm, moist conditions—a.k.a. gym showers. Plus, if kids run laps barefoot, sweat is the first place bacteria will cling to. Other potentially affected surfaces include mats and athletic equipment that go through several dozen hands a day. 

Children interacting with contaminated tools and unclean floors are likely to develop Athlete’s Foot, a prevalent and painful fungal infection. Though rarer, onychomycosis can also occur via the human papillomavirus, causing brittle, yellowed toenails.  

  1. The Pool

Neighboring the gym is the pool, where swimmers sweat off bacteria and fungi. If you notice a pool with discolored water, chances are it isn’t safe to swim in. 

Though chlorine and bromine are excellent protection against microbes, it might make for a better practice to limit pool time. 

  1. The Computer Lab

Contrary to popular belief, children are more likely to encounter germs on a computer keyboard than they would on a toilet seat. But why? Computer keyboards are more frequently touched and can contain over 200 times the amount of bacteria. 

Always remind students to respect no-food, no-beverage protocols in their best interest. Remember, roughly 80 million Americans will contract food poisoning every year—don’t allow your students to become part of this statistic.

  1. The Cafeteria

Nowadays, educational institutions are prioritizing healthier, more balanced meals in cafeterias. However, wholesome dishes are likely providing nutrition for more than just your students. 

Through touching, sneezing, and coughing, food becomes contaminated. Not to mention, communal silverware dispensers without a disinfecting mechanism will breed a plethora of germs. 

Instead, encourage your students to come in with packed lunch and separate utensils. Provide free packs of tissues and equip every corner with hand sanitizer dispensers. 

  1. Homeroom

Did you know that the average desk surface will harbor over 400 times more than—you guessed it—a toilet seat? Many will assume toilets are bacteria’s favorite resting place. Yet, because they get the most janitorial attention, they are often cleaner than other surfaces that are typically overlooked. 

Other homeroom high-microbe sites include pencil sharpeners, whiteboard markers, seats, and other shared materials. 


Many believe that the re-commencement of classes during the COVID-19 pandemic is premature—and for a good reason. As a rule of thumb, always ensure that your students are attending classes well-protected. Encourage that they pack an additional mask and filter, hand sanitizer with at least a 60% alcohol concentration, and tissues. 
In your educational institution, ensure that you’re passing on knowledge—not illnesses. Enlist thorough commercial cleaning services from AK Building Services, Florida’s most dependable provider. Experienced and trusted, we are well-equipped to clean any type of property—including your beloved school.

4 Vital Cleaning Tips for Your Daycare Center Post-COVID-19

We all know that cleaning is paramount in any given residential property or commercial space. However, it is all the more necessary when there are kids around, especially at home or school! This is why robust cleaning measures must be set in place in certain spaces, such as a daycare center.

If you own or manage one, you are posed with more challenges given the outbreak of the COVID-19. But as it’s predicted to end soon, a good cleaning program must still be implemented as the children prepare to go back to school and stay in your daycare center.

If you are planning to open your doors again soon, here are four cleaning tips you must set for your daycare center after the pandemic ends:

1. Schedule cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing

It’s important to understand that a cleaning program involves three vital aspects. Take note of the following:

  • Cleaning: This simply involves scrubbing, washing (using detergent and water), and rinsing, which must be repeatedly done to clean any surface.

  • Sanitizing: This uses a solution like bleach or other EPA-approved sanitizers to cover a clean surface and allow it to dry. Even food-contact surfaces, toys, and kids’ stuff must be sanitized.

  • Disinfecting: This requires a disinfectant solution aimed at killing or eliminating various types of pathogens. Target areas in a daycare center usually include diapering areas, bathrooms, and any other location exposed to bodily fluids.

That said, set a schedule for these three as each plays a role in your center’s overall cleanliness.

2. Use the right cleaners and disinfectants

As you have kids in your center, it’s essential to use the right chemicals that aren’t harmful to their well-being. To ensure this, you must conduct research, perform due diligence, and choose eco-friendly products, which have fewer effects on the environment and people. Ultimately, read the labels and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the product use and application.

3. Invest in and keep cleaning tools and supplies

For effective daycare center cleaning, investing in tools and equipment and making them readily available can make much difference in your efforts. For instance, make sure your center has brooms, floor mops, vacuum, and other tools. For cleaning supplies, be sure to have paper towels, disinfectant wipes, sanitizers, and other necessary materials. With all these in place, you can foster the utmost health and safety in your center!

4. Implement daily best practices for your daycare center

Regular cleaning is one matter, and implementing best practices daily is another. It’s best to set cleaning protocols and strictly observe or follow them. For your reference, here are some best practices.

  • Vacuum the carpet daily.
  • Clean and remove spills immediately.
  • Clean the bathrooms at the start of the day.
  • Install handle-free covered trash cans.
  • Put any items that need washing in a separate container.
  • Use disinfectant wipes wherever possible.
  • Have your children wash their hands after every activity and after every meal.
  • Encourage the kids to practice proper disposal of trash.


At this point, you now know what to do soon after the pandemic ends, as far as daycare center cleaning is concerned. As outlined above, all it takes is to schedule cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing, use the right cleaners and disinfectants, invest in cleaning tools and supplies, and implement daily best practices for your daycare center. With all these in place, you can expect your space to be a healthy and safe environment for the kids to stay!
We’re a highly reliable commercial cleaning provider in Florida with a wide range of janitorial and maintenance services for office buildings, medical facilities, condominiums, schools, and other businesses or organizations. If you need cleaning services for your daycare center amid a global pandemic, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Cleaning Your Office [Here’s Why You Should Outsource]

Having regular office cleaning services is crucial in maintaining your office space’s cleanliness, your staff’s health, and maintaining high morale. However, budget constraints and cost-saving efforts may make it difficult to continue with an in-house cleaning and janitorial service. 

Another solution for this is to consider outsourcing your commercial cleaning services to maintain the same frequency of office cleaning. It will save you costs as well as improve the quality of cleaning being done for your office! Contracting the right company to handle your cleaning needs will dictate the quality of service that you get—which is why choosing the perfect one is crucial. 

Besides a cleaner space, here are other benefits that outsourcing cleaning services can bring you:

  1. Complete Services for the Right Price

Choosing to go with an outsourced cleaning or janitorial service will benefit you in more ways than just a cheaper service cost. These service providers can also reduce the cleaning time while ensuring that more gets done. They also offer better cleaning equipment and supplies typically offered for less than if you had to supply it in-house. 

Aside from that, you also won’t need to spend a dime on the recruitment, onboarding, and training processes that come with hiring in-house cleaning staff. It frees you up from shelling out excessive amounts of money, time, and effort!

  1. More Thorough and Effective Cleaning

In-house cleaning services might be trained to wipe down surfaces and vacuum the carpets, but the most thorough cleaning can only be provided by specialists outsourced from companies whose focus is to provide such services. 

It is more practical to hire through a commercial cleaning company rather than taking that function on in your own business. While there are many functions and roles in an organization, it doesn’t make sense to spend more money and energy on something that doesn’t directly contribute to the company’s goals as a whole. The better option would be to leave this function to the professionals who can focus all their energies on their expertise. 

  1. More Flexible Services 

Business needs change throughout the year, so it’s ideal to find a janitorial company that can adjust to your manpower requirements as things change. Good commercial cleaning companies will typically have personnel at the ready or scale back on deployed cleaning staff as needed. 

On the other hand, if you were to have a set headcount hired at your business for cleaning, there’s not much you can do except continue paying them for work that doesn’t need to be done for the time being. This can be a great expense and will leave your hired janitors with nothing to do. 

  1. Personnel Trained for the Job 

There are instances where people hired for one job are tasked to do another, which can happen in cleaning services. Sometimes, the lines will begin to blur as the need becomes more pronounced. 

Security guards on duty might start to pick up after employees when they do their rounds, which eventually leads to more regular cleaning. Or perhaps an administrative clerk is also tasked with sweeping up the office after everybody has clocked out. This not only affects employee morale and may not be in line with correct labor practices, but it’s a guarantee for sloppy, half-baked work. 

  1. Better Value for the Service Provided

All supplies and equipment used by outsourced personnel are provided by the commercial cleaning company, which can purchase everything at a better value and with better quality. Having in-house staff and purchasing their materials through your business wouldn’t add the same value as hiring professionals with better products and equipment to deliver quality, efficiency, and value to their customers. 


Having your office cleaned is a significant part of ensuring the maintenance of your property and the health of your staff. Cleaning services might seem like something your business or company can handle, but in many cases turns out not to be the most economical or effective option. Getting the best quality cleaning services possible should be a priority, but it should not cost you an arm and a leg, which is what outsourcing gives you—a cost-effective choice for quality cleaning. 
If you need business cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, AK Building Services offers cleaning services for different buildings, including offices, medical facilities, and condominiums in the area. We provide both janitorial and maintenance services throughout South Florida. Get in touch with us today to get a quote on our cleaning services!

3 Tips to Keep Your Reception Area Clean

People always say that you should not judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, this happens quite often, whether we realize it or not. This is especially true in the business world, where customers quickly form opinions and impressions of a company just by its branding. For instance, when customers see a poorly-made logo, they may automatically assume that the business is unprofessional and unreliable. A commercial cleaning service can help ensure your business makes a great first impression.

That being said, if you are running a business and have a commercial property to care for, one of the most important things you need to keep an eye on is your reception area. This is because customers go there often, and if a visitor sees that the place is in a mess, your business will leave a bad taste.

To ensure that your reputation is upheld, here are a few tips on how you can adequately care for your office’s reception area:

1. Control the smell

More often than not, many office reception areas are characterized by the smell of coffee and food. This is mostly because these areas are open, and with your employees eating on the premises, the smell can travel far and wide.

Not all scents are unpleasant, but the last thing you want is a visitor to give you a negative impression because of a bad odor. To ensure this does not happen, implement rules prohibiting eating food and drinks in and around the reception area. You can also add pleasant scents to counteract other odors and use scent diffusers and the like.

2. Create some space

A crowded area is always a no-no in any reception space. This is because cramped areas not only make it hard for your visitors to move around, but they can also promote the idea that you are disorganized. Plus, it does not bode well for those who are claustrophobic.

With these considerations in mind, remember to ensure your reception areas are open. This can be done in various ways, such as using smaller counters, organizing paperwork, and streamlining furniture.

3. Maintain the flooring

Your office’s reception area is going to receive plenty of foot traffic. This also means that it will get dirtied far more easily. Especially if you are using carpets to cover the floor. As such, you need to ensure the floor in the room is clean and sanitary through frequent sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming.

To reduce the amount of dirt entering your reception area, you should also consider placing a doormat outside the door. While this will not prevent dirt from entering, the doormat will catch as much dirt as possible. This prevents it from getting into your property in the first place.


By applying the tips above, you can ensure that your office’s reception area remains clean, tidy, and spacious to provide positive first impressions for new visitors. It also goes far beyond mere first impressions, as your employees will perform much better at their jobs, staying productive and providing high-quality results with a tidier workplace.

If you are having trouble keeping your reception area or the entire property clean and tidy, do not worry. There are many commercial cleaning services out there that can maintain your offices and more! By working with them, you will not have to worry about cleaning your offices, and their expert care will ensure your property is as clean as it can be.

AK Building Services are commercial cleaning service providers that offer various services for office buildings, schools, condominiums, and more. If you require a cleaning service in South Florida for your offices, work with us today!

6 Reasons You Should Invest in a Commercial Cleaning Company

Most office workers spend more time at work than they do in their homes. That is why workspaces need to be safe and comfortable to provide an environment that is conducive to work.

If you own a commercial office space, it is your responsibility to keep it safe, clean, and in top condition at all times. If you think this is too large a task, know that you can always hire janitorial services to do it for you. Here are six reasons you should consider one. 

Reason 1: It gives your office a positive image

Having a clean working environment is beneficial to your employees and your company’s image. When clients or customers see that your office is well-maintained, it will leave a positive impression of your company as a whole. They will witness how professional and caring you are as an organization for your employees and visitors. 

Any sign of neglect or the sight of a dirty and disorganized office shows how incapable you are at managing everything, which reflects poorly on you. Avoid that by ensuring every corner of your office is sparkling clean.   

Reason 2: It keeps your office safe

Keeping your office clean is a way to keep your employees safe. If your office is filled with busy people from all walks of life who stay for many hours, it can also become a home to all kinds of germs and bacteria. These disease-causing threats can put your employees’ health at risk, especially if regular disinfection is not observed. Keeping things untidy can also increase the risk of injuries and accidents in the workplace. 

Reason 3: It keeps everyone productive

Your workplace’s cleanliness and employees’ productivity go hand-in-hand. Working in an office with clutter everywhere can affect their concentration. With everything organized and clean, your employees will feel well-cared for. Their minds can also start to get in order, resulting in increased productivity. Making cleanliness a lifestyle for your company can keep your business running smoothly.

Reason 4: It provides you with time for more important things

You can take charge of your office’s cleanliness by yourself or ask your employees to take care of it, but doing so will eat up a lot of everyone’s time. Cleaning is different from disinfecting, and your office needs both for it to be safe and free from dirt and bacteria. The task of removing dust may be simple and easy, but busy employees will tend to put it off. 

If you want your office to have a thorough cleaning, consider hiring professionals to do the job for you. It will give your employees the time they need to focus on other essential priorities. 

Reason 5: It reduces stress

Employees already have a lot on their plates, especially if they need to meet a quota or finish a huge project. Adding cleaning to their everyday responsibilities will not help. It will only keep them away from their deadlines. It can also increase workplace stress. 

Reason 6: It saves you money

Hiring a commercial cleaning company might seem expensive, but the truth is that it lets you save more in the long run. By getting professional help, there will be no need for you to buy and maintain cleaning supplies and tools. They can also ensure that your office is cleaned thoroughly, meaning fewer instances of sick employees that can cost you a considerable sum. 


Office cleaning services can be advantageous to your office in many ways. Investing in it is also investing in everyone’s safety and productivity. If you have not considered it yet, we hope this list lets you see the benefits you are missing. 

Are you looking for a cleaning company in South Florida to keep your commercial building safe and clean? Give us a call at AK Building Services. We are Florida’s dependable cleaning service provider with a comprehensive portfolio of janitorial and maintenance services for office buildings, medical facilities, schools, condominiums, and more. 

Best Practices for Cleaning Office Buildings

We’ve all heard the phrase “sweeping it under the rug.” It’s an expression that is used for various aspects of life, however, we’ve all had that surprise visitor where we are running against the clock to clean up, hiding things under beds, in closets and even that dreaded “junk drawer.” 

But just because a room looks clean, that doesn’t mean that it truly is. The same goes for offices. Surface cleaning only goes so far. It can be especially hard to keep your space squeaky clean when you are trying to take care of it all in-house. 

However, we understand how important it is to project a professional image to your clients and customers. That is where a commercial cleaning service can help. We take care of keeping your office buildings clean and healthy, while you take care of business! Here are our best practices for keeping your office space sparkling clean.


Day Porters

A day porter is onsite to ensure your facility looks clean and presentable at all times throughout the working day, whereas janitors come after hours to do the deep end-of-day cleaning. They are there to help with cleaning high touch areas, cleaning up accidents, as well as general cleaning services such as tidying up, dusting, replacing light bulbs, emptying overflowing trash, and removing grime from windows and doors. For more information on day porters, check out our handy guide

High Touch Areas

Keeping your employees, customers and visitors healthy is your top priority. That is why it is important to go beyond making something look clean by disinfecting high touch areas multiple times a day. These “hot spots” are surfaces that are touched by most people in the building multiple times, such as counters and doors. 

Electrostatic Spraying

Traditional dry and wet cleaning are great methods. However, to get a deeper clean for germ-ridden surfaces, or to clean more sensitive surfaces such as computers and lab equipment, electrostatic spraying should be employed weekly or bi-weekly. Electrostatic spraying is the process of spraying a very fine mist of cleaning solution that has been electrostatically charged. The positively charged particles in the spray help the cleaning solution to aggressively adhere to surfaces, giving the cleaning solution the boost it needs to deep clean. 


These areas should be cleaned multiple times a day depending on how heavy the traffic is in a restroom. During the day, day porters can help to clean up accidents and keep supplies such as soap and toilet paper stocked. However, a good disinfection by a janitorial service team should be done at least once a day. 

Kitchen/Break Room Cleaning

These areas should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent the spread of illness. We recommend a daily cleaning of these areas including sanitizing counters and tables, mopping floors, and wiping down and sanitizing appliances. 


Your carpeted areas should be vacuumed daily and your hard flooring mopped daily. Shampooing your carpets should be done weekly or monthly depending on the traffic and time of year. Waxing and buffing of hard flooring should also be done weekly or as needed depending on the traffic and time of year. When bad weather hits, a day porter can help keep your floors clean throughout the day, especially at entryways. They can put out additional mats and caution signs, mop up excess water and sweep up debris from windy autumn days. 


Windows should be cleaned weekly or bi-weekly, though windows in and around doors should be cleaned daily or even throughout the day by a day porter. Openable windows are considered high touch surfaces and should be cleaned and disinfected daily. Window treatments, such as blinds, should be dusted weekly to keep germs and dust from building up. 

Trash Removal

Trash should be removed daily or as needed by a day porter to keep your office building clean. Other debris such as shipping cartage and kitchen/break room waste should also be removed daily or as needed. 

Other Surfaces

Some of the things we don’t think about often but still need cleaning include switch plates, door frames, decor, radiators, baseboards, ledges and light fixtures. This helps to prevent the buildup of gunk, dust and germs, keeping your office clean and healthy. Depending on the surface or the traffic, these surfaces should be cleaned daily, weekly or bi-weekly. For example, switch plates should be cleaned daily while baseboards and HVAC grilles and registers should be cleaned weekly.

Conclusion Keeping your office buildings clean and healthy is especially important. Not only does it keep your space looking professional, but it keeps your employees and clients healthy and happy. If you are ready to hire a team that offers a full range of janitorial and maintenance services, AK Building Services is ready to help with all of your cleaning needs! Contact us today to set up an appointment for a free quote.