3 Ways to Keep Your Private School Clean [Our Guide]

Running a private school can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right policies and services to address issues. One of the most important aspects you should look into is cleanliness. It’s important since it can affect your private school’s reputation and performance. This is further validated by a study that finds 66 percent of parents agree that their children get better grades because of their clean workspace. But how exactly should you approach this? 

This article will discuss three main solutions to consider to keep your private school premises clean and well-maintained. Take this as an opportunity to become a better educator as you look after your students’ welfare. This way, you can also reap the benefits of your education institution’s success and keep your classroom doors open for enrollment for a long time. 

  1. Provide different types of trash receptacles for proper recycling 

You cannot simply command your kids and teaching staff to throw things into the trash can. It’s not a sustainable way to keep the culture of order and peace. As such, it’s best to provide each classroom with the proper trash receptacles with visual aids to help them know which goes where. 

It is a more effective, long-term way to get your local community more acquainted with the importance of recycling and environment conservation. You can also talk about this during private school orientations, highlighting its importance in your institution’s core values. This way, you can see everyone take an active role in tidying up! 

  1. Integrate cleaning and household chores into your curriculum

Because students and teachers often come from various backgrounds, they may not have been exposed to their duties at their own house to keep things clean. As a result, they may either not know how to segregate waste properly or keep things organized. That’s where your private school steps in as a proper model for all. 

With cleaning activities in your curriculum, you empower students and fellow educators to take control of their mess. You can also host different activities, like pollution awareness campaigns or mass recycling drives. This way, you can be assured that all premises are kept clean and ready for learning! 

  1. Hire professional private school cleaning services

While it’s great to encourage your school’s community to tidy up after themselves, it’s also easy to forget and not have time for it. It’s not a matter of neglect or an error on your part, but you have to find dedicated staff to maintain cleanliness. You also have to hire the right ones because it can quickly get overwhelming to declutter a private school if you don’t know what you are doing.

As a practical solution, hiring private school cleaning services can enable you to be more thorough with maintaining peace of mind when it comes to waste. You are also keeping everyone’s health and wellbeing in check since professional cleaners are trained to eliminate tough stains, harmful substances, and more. This way, you can be assured that your school is spick-and-span!


Having a clean private school may sound like an impossible task, but it’s possible. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of how to succeed. You just need to take action and be on the lookout for highly qualified professionals to take on the job. Get your classrooms and other areas in your school cleaned today! 

Are you looking for a reliable cleaning company in South Florida to tidy up your school? Contact us at AK Building Services. We are your dedicated team of commercial cleaners, enabling you to have a safe, clutter-free environment for your teachers and students. Claim your free quote from us to see how else we can help you! 

Wipe It Down [3 Cleaning Tips To Maintain A Safe Medical Facility]

Hospitals exist to save lives, but it’s also a breeding ground for every disease imaginable, especially the dreaded COVID-19. For this reason, cleaning in the medical setting needs unparalleled attention, precision, and only the best possible staff. 

While it’s important to note that the stakes are always high when it comes to proper cleaning, getting sanitation and maintenance wrong in the healthcare industry can mean lives lost. Simply put, there should be no room for error. A poorly maintained facility means danger to everyone using them, including the patients, staff, and other visitors. 

It’s also worth noting that the risks surrounding improper cleaning should never be taken lightly, especially since hospitals are also business entities. The possibility of facilitating the risk of illness and death means legal repercussions, so it’s important to follow a strict protocol. 

How do you ensure that your hospital is still clean and sanitized? The prospect may be daunting following the risks listed above, but these cleaning tips can help you maintain a disease-free environment:

Tip #1: Pay close attention to the restrooms 

Your hospital’s restrooms are public spaces, used by multiple patients, staff, and visitors. People can come and go as they please, making it an ideal cesspool for infection to thrive and spread. By paying careful attention to the restrooms, you not only control odors, but maintain a good appearance and prevent diseases from spreading.

Staff tasked with regular cleaning of restrooms must be given proper cleaning supplies, including personal protective equipment (PPE), mops, brooms, cleaning cloths, and powerful disinfectants. It’s also important to place signs for further safety, such as “wet floor” warnings. Emptying trash cans regularly is also paramount to a clean environment, as with wiping toilets, sinks, and even door handles. 

Golden tip: Given that restrooms see heavy foot traffic, make sure that your restrooms are cleaned at least thrice a day. 

Tip #2: Focus on proper staff training 

Cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation are three different things. You’ll want to properly train your staff to understand the difference between the procedures, especially since your reputation and the lives of patients are at stake. Make sure that the following items are clear:

  • Cleaning: This pertains to soils and dirt particles removed on surfaces, with no guarantee of bacteria being killed.
  • Disinfecting: After cleaning, disinfecting must be done to kill and reduce bacteria, especially on high-touch surfaces.
  • Sanitizing: This means using chemicals and heat to ensure that no microorganisms survive, effectively keeping rooms, surfaces, and equipment safe for use. 

Golden tip: Your hospital will benefit from doing all three steps. Contaminated areas should be first wiped down through the cleaning process, followed by disinfection, and then sanitization for a germ-free area. 

Tip #3: Keep your patients happy through thorough room disinfection 

Keeping your patients happy and satisfied is crucial to the overall success of your hospital. Unfortunately, you also need to make sure that your staff remains safe. Before cleaning a patient’s room, have them follow the steps below:

  • Wash hands thoroughly and put on PPE.
  • Strip down the patient’s bed, to be sanitized before refitting with clean linen.
  • Tables, lamps, and bed frames need to be disinfected and wiped, whereas curtains should be replaced.
  • Wipe down windows and empty trash cans.
  • Sanitize light switches and doorknobs.
  • Wash hands after leaving the room and take off PPE with care.
  • Wash again and if possible, take a shower.

Taking Cleanliness To The Next Level 

Proper healthcare cleaning requires rapt attention and careful planning, especially since the risk of spreading diseases offers no room for error. You’ll want access to only the best possible practices, along with powerful tools to keep your facility clean. More importantly, you need to entrust health and safety to the most capable hands. As you plan your cleaning protocols, remember to keep this guide in mind. 

To help save you the trouble of finding capable individuals, allow AK Building Services to assist. We are South Florida’s most trusted provider of commercial cleaning services, ensuring that your medical facility remains safe and sound for your patients and staff. Get a quote today. 

Where do We Go From Here? How COVID-19 Has Changed the Needs in Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services Forever

One thing that the COVID-19 Pandemic has shown us is just how important it is to keep our offices and businesses clean and healthy. During this pandemic, there has been an increased demand and higher standards for commercial cleaning and janitorial services. But even with a light at the end of the tunnel, we are all forever changed, including how we will view cleanliness in the future.

Continued High Demand

With Coronavirus being more infectious than the common flu, we saw an increased demand for commercial cleaning and janitorial services. We don’t expect this to end once a vaccine becomes more wide-spread and we can begin to return to a “normal” life. That is because normal has changed. We are now more aware of germs as well as viruses, and how they both spread. With this knowledge, many now realize just how important it is to keep our employees, staff, clients and patrons healthy by keeping our offices and shops clean on a more regular basis. Not only can it help to reduce the spread of the common flu and cold, but it can also help to limit the spread of any new viruses. 

High Standards Will Stick Around

Scientists say that another pandemic could happen at any time. Now that we have experienced one on a large scale here in the U.S., many businesses and shops want to keep up with the high standard of cleaning to help slow the spread of any future viruses. These high standards have the added benefit of limiting the spread of common illnesses like the cold and flu as well. By stopping or limiting the spread of these common illnesses, you can reduce time that employees are out sick and even increase productivity because they are feeling well and healthy. 

New Cleaning Technology Helps Going Forward

The increased demand for professional cleaning services and the high standards that came with that demand helped result in new cleaning technology. These more effective systems can clean faster and provide more complete and consistent coverage even though they use less cleaning solution! This has revolutionized the commercial cleaning profession forever, allowing us to keep up with the high demand and meet those high cleanliness standards, even after this pandemic is over. 

Our Continuing Response

At AK Building Services, we will continue to put the safety of our team members, clients and the public at the forefront of everything we do. We remain vigilant in monitoring the most up-to-date safety, infection control and cleaning protocols to continue to meet the high standards that our clients have and that we have for ourselves. 

We utilize hospital-grade products to clean, disinfect and sanitize. These commercial disinfectants eliminate over 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including salmonella, E. coli, the common cold, flu and more. 

Beyond our cleaning solutions, we also utilize cleaning technology to ensure these cleaning solutions are applied correctly and effectively. Our Electrostatic Sprayers and Clorox Total 360 System help kill germs instantly and provide fast and effective coverage, giving you peace of mind. To learn more about these cleaning technologies and how they can help continue to keep you, your staff and clients safe after the pandemic, check out our brochure.

We also promise to communicate with our clients to ensure that appropriate information is shared and their needs are met. Building strong customer relationships is core to what we do. As the world around us changes and as your business grows, your needs may change. Open lines of communication ensure that we can continue to meet your unique requirements. 
Ready to learn how we can meet those individual needs? Contact us today to get your free quote!

How to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Daycare Center

When it comes to managing a daycare center, it’s important to remind yourself that it’s possible to encounter all kinds of germs and unwanted diseases from the environment. Children who arrive and unknowingly bring germs with them can infect other kids and workers near them—causing havoc and panic to reign in the center.

Since parents look forward to leaving their kids under your care, not only should you keep the children happy and satisfied but also clean and healthy throughout their stay. While you provide the kids with learning materials and activities to keep them busy, you need to find ways to maintain a safe and germ-free environment for everyone involved. 

In addition, you must do everything you can to prevent bacteria and diseases from infecting everyone by making sure your facilities are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected regularly. Keep reading below to find out ways to manage a daycare facility and guarantee its excellent condition for the children and employees within the premises.

Make a Habit of Washing Hands and Toys Often

It’s essential to teach the kids and personnel to wash their hands more often than forgetting to do them at all. When watching over a daycare, you should position a bin containing toys and various items that the kids have previously touched next to a sink. That way, you can prevent germs from spreading and infections from appearing. 

Provide Hands-Free Equipment and Devices

When you utilize hands-free technology for your bins, sanitizer dispensers, and faucets, you promote a clean and bacteria-ridden environment at the daycare. Not only are you giving the children an easier time using the equipment on the property, but you’re also reducing the chances of unintentionally spreading the germs and getting the kids sick!

Practice Following a Proper Cleansing Method

Daycare facilities need to promote the importance of correctly cleaning the toys, materials, rooms, and other areas children and employees use every day. Before storing away the items, you should learn to sanitize them using a formula safe for children since they tend to put things in their mouths even if you shouldn’t! The last thing to do is disinfecting the surfaces and chairs and putting away towels and dishes in their rightful places.

Take Care of Spills and Stains Right Away

It’s normal to witness spills and stains, especially when you’re dealing with kids that tend to make a mess whenever they eat and play. 

Every time an accident happens, it’s best to clean it up right away and prevent it from sitting too long and turning into a stain. Maintaining a well-sanitized environment prevents potential accidents from happening one after the other.

Learn to Manage High-Traffic Areas Daily

It isn’t enough to clean the daycare whenever it starts to become dirty, especially if you’re accepting kids and holding sessions every day. It’s best to maintain the cleanliness of the classrooms, bathrooms, play areas, dining rooms, and receiving areas at least twice a day, during the morning and evening.

Run the Vacuum Over the Areas Every Day

Besides wiping down surfaces, cleaning toys, and washing dishes, it’s also vital to run a vacuum over the floor thoroughly. You can find all sorts of grime on the ground—dirt, food particles, and remnants of art materials that kids tend to leave lying around every day.


You should always regard the cleanliness and upkeep of your daycare to prevent the kids from getting sick, putting everyone’s health at risk, and eventually you losing customers. By keeping track of the tips stated above, you are already one step closer to having a germ-free daycare facility. Besides supervising your daycare’s cleanliness, it’s vital to rely on a professional cleaning company to take over the job of sanitizing your property.

Are you looking for a cleaning company in South Florida to maintain the excellent condition of your daycare center? AK Building Services is a commercial cleaning provider that delivers janitorial and maintenance services to establishments in need. Get in touch with us today to receive a free quote!

Using EPA-Approved Disinfectants for Best Results

Keeping your customers, staff and students safe and healthy in your business or school is extremely important, especially now. However, you don’t want to use just any cleaning solution to spray and wipe down your surfaces. Having a cleaning solution that disinfects and is better for people is key in ensuring everyone’s health and well-being. 

Why You Should Care

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors working or learning, meaning the quality of the indoor environment is of utmost importance. Harsh chemicals can negatively affect the indoor environment, even causing asthma attacks or irritating our skin and eyes. Beyond that, non-EPA approved disinfectants can contain toxins, which can negatively affect our endocrine system and even cause harm to the environment. Using EPA-approved disinfectants means you will have peace of mind knowing that your customers, staff and students can shop, work and learn without adverse effects to their health. And using green EPA-approved disinfectants means that you can also be kinder to the environment as well. This means that EPA-approved disinfectants are better for the environment and better for you!

on the spot

What Does EPA-Approved Mean?

The EPA is constantly researching and evaluating chemicals in cleaning solutions to understand if there are any negative effects the chemicals may have on our health or our environment. This research addresses a broad range of potential toxicological effects. Testing and research includes looking at:

  • Possible carcinogenic effects
  • Toxicity of the chemical
  • The possibility that a chemical will cause asthma attacks
  • If the chemical causes skin or eye sensitivities
  • Endocrine system disruption
  • Possible impurities and their effects on people and the environment

Because of all the research and testing, EPA-approved disinfectants are safer for people and the environment. These disinfectants not only clean well but they are less likely to have adverse effects on our health and on the environment. 

EPA-Approved Disinfectants for Coronavirus

The EPA continues to review and register commercial antimicrobial solutions and disinfectants to help combat the spread of COVID-19. For more information on these products view the EPA’s list of disinfectants for Coronavirus. They have also worked with the CDC to develop guidance for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, offices, businesses, schools and even homes. 

Why We Use EPA-Approved Disinfectants

At AK Building Services, we believe that healthy spaces include the quality of the indoor environment and don’t negatively affect our outdoor environment. We are proud to use EPA-approved disinfectants in order to keep you, your clients, customers, staff and students healthy and safe, allowing them to focus more on business and learning, and less on any health-related issues. 

Beyond that, we are committed to using environmentally friendly products and practices that add to creating a safe and healthy place to work, shop and learn. We use solutions that are certified by Green Seal and other recognized organizations. Using green cleaning products also improves indoor air quality because they don’t leave behind a nasty chemical smell. 
To learn more about our commercial cleaning services and to set up an appointment for a free quote, visit our website.

6 Reasons You Need Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Office

Many employees spend more waking hours at the office than in their own homes. When groups of people spend so much time in one place, it becomes challenging to keep it clean—especially if they feel like it’s not their responsibility to. While many employees keep their own cubicles tidy, it’s too much to expect your own workers to worry about the cleanliness of your entire office as a whole.

An immaculately clean office building benefits more than your employees, too. Visitors and potential clients will see your clear windows, seemingly new upholstery, and glittering fixtures and trust that your company has its priorities straight. As such, to maintain this image, you must get a professional to maintain your office space’s cleanliness at all times.

Here are six reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning service for your office:

Overall Employee Health

Employee health is now more critical than ever. All companies need to provide hygienic and sanitized working environments to all on-site workers to ensure that they remain healthy and in top shape.

A professional cleaning service will use state of the art extraction systems to remove accumulated dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, and various allergens. Clean air ducts mean less sickness, better indoor air quality, and a more efficient HVAC system—which makes your office more efficient and safe in the long run!

Higher Productivity

A clean working environment encourages productivity. Regular, professional, deep-cleaning services will keep your office environment in tip-top shape and will leave your workers free to focus on their work. It is a joy to be in a workplace that’s consistently bright, airy, and clean. It even boosts morale and makes work a bit more fun instead of a chore to get through!

Professional Appearances

Cleanliness is associated with professionalism, so companies aspire to always have the best foot forward for all clients and visitors. A fresh, well-maintained, clutter-free space encourages a lot of confidence in the business that owns it. A professional cleaning service will combine daily cleaning with periodical maintenance to keep your office space as impressive as possible.

Consistently Clean Output

Many people will only do a surface job when forced to tidy up—a quick wipe here and a dust brush there. Unfortunately, no real cleaning is done in such a process. Professionals, on the other hand, get into forgotten spaces and pesky corners, and they know what materials to use and how much elbow grease to put into cleaning specific surfaces.

When you use a professional cleaning service, you are assured of high-quality, thorough service that you can’t get anywhere else. Your windows will sparkle, your walls will look freshly painted, and all your furniture will look crisp and clean at all times.

Long Term Savings

Some business owners look at professional cleaning services as an unnecessary expense, but in fact, they will reduce all long-term costs. You no longer have to purchase or rent carpet cleaning machines or power washers—professionals already have them on-hand to use!

Hiring a cleaning service frees up storage space, as well. Instead of holding on to heavy-duty cleaning equipment that you will only use once every couple of months, hired professionals will bring their high-performance machines each time. 

Flexible Types and Schedules

Professional cleaning services offer a wide variety of services that you can schedule monthly, weekly, or even daily. Your floors can be swept and mopped daily but buffed weekly. Your carpets can be vacuumed weekly but shampooed monthly. The specifics are up to your space’s needs—and your service provider will surely willingly comply!

Professionals will advise you on a cleaning schedule that will be most effective for your building’s interior and exterior.


A clean, hospitable business environment ensures healthy and productive employees. It also projects a professional image to all your clients and visitors. Professional cleaners have all the appropriate cleaning solutions, equipment, and techniques that your office will need to be consistently spick and span. Are you looking for a commercial cleaning service in South Florida? At AK Building Services, we offer comprehensive daily, weekly, and monthly janitorial and maintenance services for office buildings, condominiums, schools, and more. Get in touch with us today!

5 Spots in Your Workplace That Need Cleaning [Our Guide]

Keeping your workplace free from dirt, germs, viruses, and bacteria should be one of your top priorities, especially during this pandemic. By investing in commercial cleaning services, you can also impress your clients and visitors, as you create a healthy working environment for your employees and prevent them from getting ill. 

While your office may look tidy, harmful microorganisms can hide in various spots in your place of business. Here are some areas in your workplace that need special cleaning attention:

  1. Scanners, photocopiers, and printers

Germs can hide anywhere, as they can linger on surfaces you and your employees use every day. For instance, shared office technology can serve as a haven for microorganisms. As you press the buttons of your printers, scanners, and photocopiers daily, dirt and bacteria can spread, letting everyone contract illnesses. 

Leaving your machines uncleaned can cause the spread of disease. Fortunately, you can solve the issue by keeping some sanitizing wet wipes next to each piece of equipment and wipe the buttons down after every use. You can also disinfect them thoroughly with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol.

  1. Telephones

Landline telephones can help you conduct business and communicate with your business partners or clients. When they ring, you often grab them without any hesitation. However, these phones are a breeding ground for infectious bacteria. You seldom think about washing your hands after answering them, which means microorganisms can easily reach your nose, eyes, or mouth.

Keep a stash of antibacterial wipes next to your telephones and mobile phones, and regularly disinfect the handsets and keypads. This way, you can reduce the risk of spreading illness-causing germs. You can also consider washing your hands or disinfecting them with alcohol after answering the phone.

  1. Door handles

Your door handles are some of the most frequently used areas in your office. Since hands are a major carrier of germs and bacteria, microorganisms that linger on these surfaces can easily cause the spread of illnesses.

Consider using rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or washing your hands after opening or closing a door. If you work with a commercial cleaning company, make sure disinfecting your doorknobs and handles is part of your cleaning team’s routine. These safety precautions are especially important if your office space welcomes a large number of people regularly.

  1. Elevators buttons

If your establishment has multiple floors, taking an elevator may be part of your routine. Be careful when pressing elevator buttons because they are filled with bacteria. If possible, use your elbow or knuckle to select your floor and wash or disinfect your hands right away to kill germs and other microorganisms.

  1. Keyboards 

Keyboards may seem like a paradise for bacteria and germs, and they can accumulate over time when left uncleaned. This is especially true if you regularly eat meals while working. Therefore, use your sanitizing wipes and air dusters to keep your keyboard free of food particles, germs, and bacteria.


Just because your workplace looks clean doesn’t mean it is free from germs, bacteria, and viruses. These microorganisms can linger and hide on different surfaces. To ensure everyone in your team stays healthy this pandemic, disinfect your office and pay special cleaning attention to the areas listed above.

Invest in your office’s cleanliness and employees’ health by seeking our top-notch commercial cleaning services in Florida. At AK Building Services, we offer comprehensive janitorial and maintenance services for different establishments. Contact us to request a quote!

Why Commercial Cleaning Services Are Extremely Beneficial

There are so many benefits to commercial cleaning services. Every nook and cranny of your office space will be thoroughly cleaned, with the assurance that everything is free of dust and dirt. Commercial cleaning companies come with the right equipment and tools for a good professional job to be done every time, where you and your employees will most likely be left in awe.

Here are some key reasons why cleaning services are extremely beneficial:

  • A clean environment is a healthy environment

One of the best things about getting commercial cleaning services is the positive effect of a clean workplace on everyone’s health. Allergies can come from dirt, dust, mildew, and mold. Those elements are awful for the health when they’re inhaled, even just their remnants. Other people could also end up being prone to sickness from a dirty environment. 

Most people end up spending more time at work than they do at home. That in itself is a crucial reason to make sure the workplace is absolutely clean.

  • Clean workspaces make the best impressions

No matter who walks into your office building, they will be very impressed by how clean it is. Office buildings with dusty carpets, mold, and unkempt bathrooms will leave a negative impression. People will not want to go back to an office that’s not kept well. While a clean workspace isn’t necessarily the first priority for many companies or organizations, it will definitely have people wanting to come back. As a bonus, you and your employees will also experience a boost in your mood.

  • A clean office can wow clients

First impressions are everything, and seeing a clean office the second your clients walk in will earn you points. That will help your company or organization establish positive vibes, increasing the chances of making a sale. Go ahead and ask your customers for feedback; you might be surprised at just how much cleanliness matters. 

  • Your brand will stand out

Any good publicity you’ve gotten will likely get invalidated by a dirty office. Possible customers will almost immediately get turned off by an unkempt, unpleasant environment. Having a fresh, clean area will make people remember your company or organization for all the right reasons.

  • Your employees will get motivated

A dirty workplace will not inspire employees to come to work. Dirty, possibly even grimy workplaces offer no employee motivation at all. Going to work every day becomes more dreadful than anything. 

When you hire a commercial cleaning company, your entire office will brighten up. In turn, they will feel motivated to do their very best at work and maybe even go the extra mile. Commercial cleaning services will be able to make sure that each and every space your employees use daily will be spotless. 


There are so many benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning company. Your business or organization will make a good first impression, and your employees will get inspired. Moreover, a clean environment brightens everyone’s mood, and the chances of turning a sale are considerably heightened.

Looking for a commercial cleaning service in South Florida? Contact AK Building Services today! We have a comprehensive portfolio of janitorial and maintenance services for multiple organizations.

5 Best Ways for Your Office to Stay Clean and Pristine

A great number of folks end up spending most of their days, and even nights, in the office. With all that time spent, it’s normal to think that this space is healthy and spotless. Unfortunately, offices are usually one of the dirtiest places to be at. Have a phone on your desk? It has over 25,000 germs per square inch. With that in mind, the number of germs in your office is magnanimous.

Keeping your office clean and pristine has to be your number one priority. This is more important than ever, given the recent global pandemic. Here are some of the best ways for your office to remain clean as well as pristine:

Dust Daily

While this may seem default, it is worth noting anyway. Dust is a major issue, which leads to diseases and germs to spread widely from one place to another. Dusty offices are not pleasant to work in to begin with. This is made worse by the fact that all that dust will heighten the risk of workplace illnesses. 

Electronics Maintenance

From your desktop computers to your printer all the way to your refrigerator, keeping your office electronics clean is key. Dust and wipe where appropriate. The refrigerator, in particular, could host a plethora of germs when it’s not cleaned out regularly. A lot of fridges made in the last couple of years have removable shelves that can be washed. They can be given a quick wash with soap and water, which will address a lot of germs.

File Paperwork Regularly

While the world is mostly digital, the use of paper in offices is practically inevitable. Until the day comes when being fully paperless is possible, it is crucial to properly dispose of any paperwork you can already let go of. Craft or enforce a rule wherein staff are required to file papers as needed, then go on to recycle them. This will help create a much tidier look for your office. 

Maximize Hand Sanitizers

If there’s anything COVID-19 has taught us, it’s the importance of using hand sanitizers. Ensure that your office is clean and remains hygienic by having bottles of them spread out in your office. Encourage and gently remind people to use them, too. In this simple way, you will be able to assist in curbing the spreading of germs throughout your office.

Keep Things in Their Proper Places

It is crucial for everything in your office to have a home. Otherwise, keeping things organized and tidy will be quite difficult. There is usually already a home for most things, but something like a bulky copy machine can be tough to nest. In cases like that, finding a temporary place until the item can be replaced with something more size-appropriate can be a good solution.


Spending a lot of time in the office can be inconvenient if your environment is dirty and not well-kept. The coronavirus pandemic has made cleanliness and hygiene more important than ever. Take proactive steps, such as the ones we mentioned above, for your office to remain clean and pristine.

Looking for a commercial cleaning provider? Contact AK Building Services today! We are an experienced and trusted commercial cleaning company in South Florida.

4 Signs You Need to Work With New Professional Cleaners

Many people believe that professional cleaners are only for those who cannot bother cleaning by themselves. However, the truth is that there is so much more than simply having someone else do the job. When investing in a professional cleaning crew, one invests in quality and standard cleaning services that can ensure a sanitary and clean environment at all times. 

That being said, not all cleaners are the same. Some will do a better job than others even without a high price tag! If you are not sure whether your cleaners are providing the best services possible, here are a few signs that it’s time to look for a new company:

1. They hinder your activities

Do you find your cleaners continually getting in your way when you are trying to do other activities? If so, then some rescheduling might need to be done to carry out their job without hindering your work. However, sometimes this may not be possible. With that in mind, if you find the cleaners constantly interrupting your work, chances are they are not professionals. That is because the pros will know how to keep the property clean without hindering even when working during your office hours. This ensures your property remains in the best state possible while you get things done.

2. The results vary drastically 

The cleaning results when you first work with a team can be excellent. However, if you find that quality to drop over time, then the cleaners you are working with are amateurs. Only professional cleaners can confidently provide the same high-quality results no matter how long they work with you. While there may be some cases where they have missed a spot or two, mistakes will be kept to a minimum. Remember, no one is perfect, but this does not mean your cleaners should not try to achieve such.

3. They are not professionally trained

Cleaning procedures are there for a reason: to offer the highest cleaning quality and to avoid making a mistake. Even amateur cleaners may have cleaning procedures, but this does not mean the results are excellent. You can tell the difference between the pros and the novices by looking at the emphasis they place on training. Professional companies train their employees well and have a quality assurance process that ensures they never fall behind. Pair that with well-developed cleaning procedures, and you will get excellent results time and time again!

4. There is some dirt on different surfaces

One of the most obvious signs that you are not working with pros is if you consistently see dust over various surfaces. If you cannot confidently swipe your hand on a surface and believe there won’t be a trace left behind, you should be working with someone else. Professional cleaners will do their best to keep various surfaces clean, whether it is a workstation or the front door.


If you find that your current cleaning team applies to one or more of the signs above, take it as a hint that you most likely should work with someone else. While it might be a hassle for you to switch service providers, understand that only the cleanest environment will allow you and your team to work to their fullest. As such, for the sake of your health and business, invest in a professional cleaning team.

AK Building Services is an experienced commercial cleaning provider, offering janitorial and maintenance services for offices, schools, and various other organizations. If you are looking for professional cleaners in Palm Beach County, contact us today and find out how we can help.