The Benefits of Contracting Medical Facility Cleaning Services

There are unique challenges associated with cleaning a medical facility. It’s unlike any other type of business for many different reasons. The primary reason is that people that enter medical facilities for healthcare services are usually sick, which makes it much more important to keep the facility clean. Another key reason is that not cleaning a medical facility could create a public health issue. Medical cleaning services are tremendously beneficial for all of the reasons listed below.

Satisfy Safety Regulations

The medical community must abide by many different safety regulations in order to maintain licensure and avoid fines. Many of those regulations involve compliance with cleaning procedures that vary from one type of facility to another. This means administrators must understand relevant laws and incorporate strict cleaning practices to accommodate those laws. A cleaning service with knowledge of the medical community will understand these requirements and ensure compliance. You can visit to learn more about how they can support your team.

Maintain a Clean Appearance

Walking into a facility that isn’t clean when you require medical care is an uncomfortable situation. There have been reports of medical facilities that were in clear violation of the law, which was visible as soon as you enter the building. Not only can it result in violations and fines, but serious issues can also lead to the closure of a facility if the problems are not resolved promptly. The reason why maintaining a clean appearance can be tricky is because a lot of medical facilities are open around the clock, which means there needs to be a cleaning staff available at all times.

A cleaning service that understands the unique attributes of a medical facility will be familiar with required protocols for cleaning waiting areas, exam rooms, bathrooms, and other spaces. One of the most important reasons why a cleaning service with experience in the medical industry is important is because they will be familiar with the requirements for handling hazardous materials. This isn’t just important for the safety of patients, but also for the protection of healthcare professionals. In fact, there have been incidents where hospital employees were exposed to hazardous materials which created serious issues for everyone involved.

Prevent the Possibility of Cross Contamination

There’s a reason why doctors wash their hands so frequently before performing surgery. It’s because they have to prevent cross-contamination. It’s also the reason why hospitals and other medical facilities have such strict rules for how things are cleaned. It’s not like cleaning any other facility because doing things in the wrong order can result in contaminating something that has already been cleaned. This is a scenario that ends up jeopardizing the health of everyone around. There are rules and best practices for preventing cross-contamination in healthcare and a cleaning service with expertise in the medical industry will understand the right procedures and follow the best practices. You can get specific information by using the “contact us” information on the service provider’s website.

Ensure Bloodborne Pathogens are Not Transferred

Contamination from bloodborne pathogens is a serious issue that requires specialized knowledge to prevent infection. There are guidelines and rules for cleaning rooms in a way that will prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Specifically, you’ll need to be familiar with methods for decontamination and make sure proper procedures are not only followed but documented. Given the seriousness of bloodborne pathogens and the importance of keeping a medical facility clean, it makes business sense to secure the services of knowledgeable professionals.

Prevent the Illness of Personnel

Without a doubt, the overarching reason why it’s so important to have a knowledgeable and effective cleaning team is to prevent illness in a place where there may be many contagious diseases. This includes preventing personnel from getting sick. Many healthcare professionals discuss how sometimes it’s difficult to avoid getting sick during flu season because the number of patients with the flu rises. However, there are many illnesses that can be prevented by keeping the facility clean.

As detailed above, a professional cleaning service can help a medical facility in many different ways. In addition to what has already been detailed, they can also ensure the right chemicals are used for the purpose of controlling infections and preventing illness. There are many antibacterial cleaners, but not all of them are effective. A knowledgeable cleaning crew will take the guesswork out of what products should be used and the procedures that should be followed.

What is Included in Office Cleaning Services?

Having a clean office is not optional. In fact, it’s important for the protection of both employees and customers. It’s the reason why companies must have either a maintenance team or a contracted cleaning service. Just like it’s difficult to keep up with cleaning your home, it’s not easy to keep up with cleaning an office, especially when you have a large staff or a lot of in-person customers. The value of office cleaning services becomes evident after the first cleaning if you choose the right company. Below are examples of what you can expect from professional cleaners.

Daily Cleaning

There are many different ways to set up a cleaning contract. However, most businesses require daily cleaning, even if it’s just basic. If you choose daily cleaning, you can expect the crew to vacuum carpets, mop hard floors, disinfect countertops, clean glass and windows, and empty trash cans. The good thing about cleaning services is that you can decide what you want to be done. If you have unique needs that are unlike most offices, you can write that into the contract. For instance, a daycare center or a gym might require a more extensive amount of disinfecting.

Weekly Cleaning

The purpose of weekly cleaning is to have an office cleaned more thoroughly than it is on a daily basis. This might include buffing hard floors instead of just sweeping and mopping them. It might also include using glass cleaner to ensure all windows are free of streaks, instead of just cleaning them on a surface level. Weekly cleaning might also include the outside surface of windows. If you have wood surfaces in your office, weekly cleaning might involve polishing the wood instead of just removing dust. In the event that you need additional work, you can find the ‘contact us’ information for your service provider and place a special request or adjust your contract.

Sanitized Areas

There is a long list of reasons why certain areas of an office must be sanitized as part of standard practice. The bathroom is definitely included in that area and you might want to add the kitchen as well. Failure to sanitize your office can lead to a buildup of germs and bacteria, which can cause your employees to get sick more frequently. In other words, not sanitizing your office can cost you money in lost productivity from sick time. Another important consideration is that a dirty office can create a problem with morale because employees can start to feel undervalued and unappreciated. There’s an expectation that an office is thoroughly cleaned. It’s the reason why many building owners choose AK Building Services.

Other Responsibilities

As previously mentioned, the tasks a cleaning service might perform can be adjusted based on your needs. However, some of the more standard responsibilities that you can add include replacing hand soap and toilet tissue in the restroom as well as paper towels in the kitchen. You might also want them to wipe down walls in certain rooms, such as the restrooms, to make sure there are no splash marks. They can also dust tall cabinets to improve the air quality in your office. Other areas that might need to be cleaned are the elevators and stairs. If you have an executive office, a greater amount of cleaning might be required.

Some companies might be tempted to have their internal maintenance crew handle all cleaning responsibilities. However, that’s not always the best option. Sometimes it’s better to have the internal maintenance team handle basic functions while the contracted cleaning crew takes care of deeper cleaning that’s performed once a week or on a monthly basis. The best way to determine what you need is by taking a look at your office to pinpoint where things are not up to par and decide what can be added to the job description of the internal maintenance team and what should be handled by the contracted maintenance crew.

If you’re concerned about the maintenance crew interfering with your workday, you don’t have to be concerned. Contracted cleaning teams are usually invisible because they perform all of the work after normal business hours. This means you’ll only know they were there because your office is clean. It’s the best way to make sure your company maintains a professional image while also keeping employees healthy and happy. It might also encourage employees to keep their personal space clean.