Condominium Cleaning Services​

Condominium Cleaning Services

AK Building Services offers janitorial and maintenance services for condominiums.  

Ak Building Services helps you: 

  • Deliver exceptional service to tenants.
  • Simplify janitorial management. 
  • Control costs. 
  • Keep your properties clean, comfortable and safe.
  • No need for you to hire, train and supervise a cleaning and maintenance staff.

Condominium Cleaning and Maintenance Services includes:

  • Cleaning and maintaining indoor and outdoor common areas
  • Cleaning and maintaining clubhouses and pool areas
  • Removing garbage and debris from exterior property
  • Inspecting building common areas and exterior grounds
  • Meeting with inspectors, service contractors and utility companies
  • Conducting routine testing and preventative maintenance for common area safety equipment and lights
  • Reporting malfunctioning equipment, safety issues and property damage to management
  • Responding to after-hour emergency calls
  • Purchasing and maintaining materials and supplies with prior approval from property supervisors

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