Condominium Cleaning Services

Condominium Cleaning Services​

AK Building Services specializes in providing top-tier janitorial and maintenance solutions tailored specifically for condominiums. Our comprehensive offerings enable you to effortlessly provide exceptional services to tenants, streamlining janitorial management and effectively controlling costs. With our expertise, your properties remain impeccably clean, comfortable, and safe, all without the hassle of recruiting, training, and overseeing a dedicated cleaning and maintenance team.

Our Condo Cleaning Janitorial Services Include:​

Daily Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining indoor and outdoor common areas, clubhouses, and pool areas.

Trash Removal and Recycling

We will handle the proper disposal of trash and recyclable materials, promoting an eco-friendly approach to janitorial services.

Inspections and Maintenance

We oversee building common areas and grounds, liaising with inspectors, contractors, and utility companies. We also promptly report property damage, malfunctioning equipment, or safety issues to management.

Commercial Grade Products

Purchasing and maintaining materials and supplies with prior approval from property supervisors.

Flexibility and Reliability

We understand that emergencies occur. Our reliable team responds to after-hour emergency calls.

Entrust your condominiums to us and enjoy hassle-free, high-quality solutions that enhance tenant satisfaction and property value. Contact us today to discuss your condominium janitorial service needs in South Florida.