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Green cleaning? That’s right AK Building Services, Inc has LEED Certified Management.

We are committed to using environmentally friendly products and practices to help create a safe and healthy work or living space for your employees, customers, tenants and visitors.

Certified Green Cleaning products and HEPA-filtered vacuums.

We make sure that your facilities are not only clean, but safe and free of harmful chemicals and cleaners that can make a nasty smell and bad environment. We use only green cleaning certified products for all of our services and make sure to improve indoor air-quality level .

For our multi-faceted approach, we:

  • Use solutions that are certified by Green Seal (and other recognized organizations) to be free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, and fragrances and other ingredients that can cause health problems.
  • Offer microfiber mopping rather than conventional, cotton-string mopping to clean floors. Microfiber mops use less cleaning chemical solution than conventional mops and leave a cleaner floor.
  • Use HEPA-filter vacuums, which are recognized by the American Lung Association to improve indoor air quality.
  • Use reusable microfiber cloths to reduce trash.
  • Stay current with new techniques and products so we can continue to offer the safest and most effective cleaning products and services available.
  • Train our staff in green cleaning methods.

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