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With over 550 employees, we can provide you with quality commercial janitorial services in the Fort Lauderdale area. We know that no two of our clients are the same, which is why we offer an extensive portfolio of cleaning services that can be customized to fit your business. We take the time to learn about how your operations work so that we can assist you in having a clean work area day-to-day no matter what industry your business operates in.

Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Cleanings

We will work with you to determine the optimal frequency for cleanings. We will also continue to evaluate your needs throughout our lasting partnership. Our services are all-encompassing and flexible so that when your business needs change, you can rest assured you are in good hands. We specialize in all types of commercial cleaning services, whether it’s for the office or an emergency.


Office Cleaning Services

  • Having a clean office environment is not only important to ensure you have a good image with your customers, but it is also vital to the productivity of your employees. At AK Building Services, we offer all types of specialized cleaning services that are encompassed under our office cleaning services portfolio. These include:

    • Daytime And Nighttime Janitorial Services
    • Kitchen Cleaning Services
    • Restroom Janitorial Services
    • Window Cleaning
    • Carpet & Floor Care

    All of our office cleanings are done to promote a safe and healthy office environment. You can expect our cleaning crew to get rid of the trash, sweep, mop, wax, and buff the floors. We will also be sure to clean any light fixtures, appliances, millwork, baseboards, countertops, and furniture. Since you may only operate in the daytime hours, we have a full staff of janitors available in the evening hours to meet all your cleaning needs.

Condominium Cleaning Services

Keeping tenants happy and offering a comfortable living environment is the goal of every condominium owner. Simplifying janitorial management can be easily done by hiring AK Building Services. We offer all types of select condominium services including:

  • Indoor / Outdoor Common Area Cleaning
  • Club House / Pool Cleaning
  • Outdoor Garbage Removal
  • After-Hour Emergency Maintenance
  • Reporting Safety Issues And Property Damage To Management
  • Routine Testing Of Safety Equipment
  • Meet With Contractors, Utility Companies, And Inspectors

With the help of our condominium cleaning services, you can save yourself the trouble of having to train and hire janitorial and maintenance staff. We already have the training and experience in handling condominiums. Let us bring our expertise to your building.

Emergency Services

Sometimes emergencies happen, which is why AK Building Services is available around the clock. We’ll provide you with fast emergency clean up services to assist in resolving your problems fast. Some of the most common emergency issues that we deal with include:

  • Water Extract From Floods
  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Steam Cleaning Bathrooms
  • Sanitizing Kitchens
  • Mold Remediation

Green Cleaning Services

At AK Building Services, we offer fully certified LEED management. We want all of our customers to know that we are committed to employing environmentally-friendly products and cleaning practices regularly. Our goal is to create a healthy and safe space for your tenants, visitors, customers, and employees. We employ green practices by:

  • Using Green Seal Cleaning Products
  • HEPA-Filtered Vacuums
  • Microfiber Mopping 
  • Reusable Cloths To Reduce Trash

Medical Cleaning Services

We know that medical facilities require rigorous cleaning to meet health and safety requirements. This is why we use advanced technology equipment and sanitation products when cleaning medical facilities. The most popular types of medical facilities that we clean include:

  • Surgical Centers
  • Pharmacies
  • Clinics
  • Medical Buildings
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals

Our experienced cleaning staff will clean patient rooms, offices, restrooms, lobbies, exam rooms, and any other rooms that your medical facility has. We can provide cleaning during the day or night depending on your preferences. When you give AK Building Services a call, we’ll work alongside you to create a statement of work that includes exactly how and when you want each type of room to be cleaned.

Construction Clean-Up Services

Getting repairs or renovations done at your commercial building can be something that you have looked forward to for a while. However, seeing the mess that a construction crew can leave behind is no laughing matter. Luckily, you can call AK Building Services to do post-construction cleanup so you can enjoy your newly refurbished space. Some of our after construction clean up tasks include:

  • Washing All Surfaces
  • Dusting Ductwork, Vents, Light Fixtures, Ceiling Pipes
  • Scrubbing And Vacuuming All Surfaces
  • Sanitizing Bathrooms And Kitchens
  • Removing Construction Debris
  • Polishing Stainless Steel
  • Cleaning Glass And Removing Etchings

Daytime Porter Services

Many businesses, both big and small, can benefit from hiring a daytime porter service, also known as day cleaning services, instead of worrying about nighttime cleanings. These services can be more economically feasible and ensure that your commercial building looks fresh throughout the day. Some benefits of our daytime porter services include:

  • Simplifying Security After-Hours
  • Reduce After-Hours Energy Consumption By Janitors
  • Minimize Tenant Complaints About Janitorial Staff
  • Direct Communication Between Tenants And Cleaners

Quality Cleaning Professionals You Can Trust

At AK Building Services, we know that creating long-lasting relationships starts with reliability and trust. This is why our employees have been trained to be professional and respectable when it comes to your commercial building. Whether you need cleaning and handyman services at private schools, charter schools and universities, medical facilities, or a condominium, our experienced staff can help.

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