Branch Banks


At AK Building Services we take pride in providing exceptional janitorial services tailored specifically for branch banks. A clean and welcoming environment is crucial in establishing a positive impression on your customers and creating a professional image for your financial institution. Our expert team of janitors is committed to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring your branch bank remains spotless and inviting at all times.

Our Branch Bank Janitorial Services Include:​

Daily Cleaning and Maintenance

Our team will visit your branch bank daily to perform a comprehensive cleaning routine. This includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing common areas, teller stations, waiting areas, and restrooms.

Floor Care

We specialize in the maintenance of various types of flooring found in branch banks. From hardwood to carpet, we employ the right techniques and products to preserve the beauty and longevity of your floors.

Window and Glass Cleaning

Sparkling clean windows are essential for showcasing the professionalism of your branch. Our team will make sure all glass surfaces are free from streaks and smudges, providing a crystal-clear view.

Restroom Sanitation

We understand the importance of maintaining pristine restrooms. Our janitors follow strict protocols to ensure your restrooms are clean, disinfected, and well-stocked with essential supplies.

Trash Removal and Recycling

We will handle the proper disposal of trash and recyclable materials, promoting an eco-friendly approach to janitorial services.

Specialized Cleaning Services

From high-dusting to carpet deep cleaning, we offer specialized services to address specific cleaning needs within your branch bank.

Commercial Grade Products

Overall, using commercial-grade products with a commercial cleaning company is a smart investment that leads to better cleaning results, improved safety, and increased client satisfaction. It also reflects a commitment to providing high-quality services while meeting industry standards and environmental responsibilities.  

Flexibility and

We understand that your Bank Branch’s schedule may vary, so we offer flexible cleaning plans to accommodate your needs. Our reliable team ensures that your Bank is consistently well-kept, helping you maintain a professional image at all times.

AK Building Services embodies professionalism, led by a team of discreet and skilled individuals attuned to banking environments. Central to our approach is customization, where services are finely tuned to each branch bank’s unique cleaning requirements, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction. Furthermore, we prioritize safety and security, with our janitorial team adhering to stringent protocols and backed by comprehensive insurance coverage. Our commitment to quality shines through regular inspections and responsive feedback. We champion environmental consciousness by employing eco-friendly products. Count on round-the-clock customer support to promptly address any inquiries or concerns.

Contact us today to discuss your janitorial service needs, and let us create a clean and inviting space for your staff and customers alike.