3 Tips to Keep Your Offices Clean during the Holiday Season

For customers, the holiday season is a hectic time, but for a good reason. With so many deals and promos to take advantage of, trying to find the best deal is something buyers love to do. Unfortunately, for businesses, this hectic season can be quite overwhelming. Everything from increased workloads to managing your staff can be quite challenging, especially when you’re so looking forward to enjoying the holidays for once.

That being said, one of the most critical tasks you still mustn’t forget to do even during the holiday mayhem is cleaning the offices. A clean working environment always promotes productivity. For that reason, staying on top of your cleaning activities must-do to ensure the workplace remains clean while you’re busy satisfying customers.

With that in mind, here’s what you can do to keep your offices clean throughout the holiday season:

1. Look In the Fridge

Have you ever checked the fridge in the office? If you did, when was the last time you did? If you haven’t done so recently, chances are there’s food sitting in there and spoiling away. You wouldn’t want your half-eaten sandwiches and bowl of avocados sitting there for a week or two. You will want to toss them right out, especially if you know you aren’t going to be in the office for a while. Nothing hurts your productivity more than opening the fridge to smell a rotten stench coming out of the fridge, ruining your day.

If the fridge isn’t yours alone to use, then let it be known to everyone to check the fridge once in a while and clean out their items when appropriate. That way, everyone keeps the fridge clean, and everyone stays happy!

2. Check the Garbage Bins

If you thought that overlooking the fridge was easy, you haven’t thought about the garbage bins. You might find yourself tossing garbage away every day, but you might also rarely actually clean out the garbage bin. Sitting there, any perishable is going to rot, and items that don’t perish will only eat up space for other trash.

Once in a while, make sure that the bin is cleaned out. If you have cleaners working, let them know how often you want the bins cleaned. Also, have them washed once in a while so that any residue is taken care of.

3. Reach Out to a Cleaning Company

Are you working with a cleaning company? If you are, that’s great. All your cleaning needs are already met. However, if you have yet to hire cleaning professionals to keep your offices clean, we recommend that you do so.

Hiring someone to clean your offices is a great way to ensure that your offices are always cleaned no matter how busy you are. Such professionals are equipped with cleaning tools and have the know-how to keep your workplace clean and tidy. On that note, if you have any concerns or want to tell cleaners how to do something, let them know about it. They can adapt to your cleaning needs to ensure you are happy.


Sure, the holidays are hectic, but that’s no excuse to leave your office a dirty place. No one wants to work in filth, so do yourself and your team a favor and keep the workplace clean! If you cannot do this by yourself, always remember that there are cleaning companies out there who are more than happy to provide the service to you. Whether your business is open for service or closed for the holidays, your cleaning professionals will work hard to ensure that the workplace is always ready for action.

AK Building Services is a commercial cleaning provider offering comprehensive janitorial and maintenance services to meet various commercial needs. If you are looking for cleaning companies in Florida to keep your offices clean, reach out to us today!

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