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4 High-Risk Office Items You Need to Clean Regularly

Keeping your office building in top shape is important. You must invest in the maintenance and repair of the building’s interior and exterior and set rules to ensure that all employees preserve the building. Luckily, this responsibility does not have to fall solely to you or your staff; there are condo building services available to help with cleanliness and sanitation.

Cleanliness is vital to ensure that all your employees are healthy and safe, which is why you need to exert time to keep your common areas sanitized. You also need to determine which areas might have the highest risk of transmission. Such endeavors also teach staff to do their part. To that end, this article will give you a list of the dirtiest places in your office and how often you should clean them:

4 Office Items You Need to Clean Regularly 

  1. Office Phones

In most organizations, each employee has a designated desk phone in their cubicle, but what about those areas where more than one person uses the phone? Some offices have a phone in the reception area guests and customers can use, while warehouse employees share one phone since they don’t have dedicated cubicles. 

Sharing one phone increases the chance of bacteria spreading from one person to another. These bacteria can lead to infections. Hence, you need to clean your telephone regularly. Wipe down the phone as part of your cleaning routine, or after using the phone, use antibacterial wipes. 

  1. Computer Mouse

Most employees working in an office have their own desktop or laptop, with which they use a mouse. People often overlook the mouse when they clean their desks each day. 

Truthfully, it houses more bacteria, especially if you don’t clean your hands after eating. This bacteria can build up and increase the chances of an infection. Have employees wipe and sanitize their mice throughout the day, especially if they share the computer with multiple people. 

  1. Sink taps

You may be thinking, how can the sink taps not be clean when I use them every day to clean my hands? Well, your hands can be clean, but it doesn’t mean the hands of the people touching the sink taps are clean! A lot of people regularly use the sink in your office building kitchen, so if it’s not cleaned regularly, then germs are going to spread fast. The best way to avoid the spread of germs is to ask your employees to wipe the kitchen tap periodically with soap and warm water. 

  1. Photocopier Keypad

The photocopier is a high contact point in any office that has to deal with a lot of paper. Since a lot of people use it each day, germs are likely to multiply in the keypad. After all, not all employees wash their hands before using the copier. Incorporate a copier wipe-down in the steps of copier usage so employees can remain safe. 

How Often Should I Clean the Office Building?

Hire a professional office cleaning company to help you clean the office. Tell them the areas that need extra cleaning and the areas commonly used by staff. Set a regular schedule for when they should clean the office and inform the staff of when these dates are. 

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your office is important to keep your staff healthy and avoid the spread of diseases. Rules must be incorporated into the company’s routines, and you must include the staff in cleaning efforts. Additionally, hiring professional cleaning services ensures that each area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

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