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4 Tips for Creating a More Appealing Office

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so it’s important to pull all stops to make sure you impress each client that visits your office. When they have a positive reaction to your business and your workspace, they’ll be more likely to spread the word, which will enormously help you attract more clients or customers. Such word-of-mouth reviews can make or break your business, which is why it is crucial to ensure your office is appealing and inviting to potential customers.

A huge part of maintaining an attractive office is keeping it as clean as possible. Since you and your team are focused on your day-to-day tasks, it would be best to leave this to an office cleaning company to help you stay on track in growing your business. Here are four tips to help you create a tidy, appealing office:

  1. Clean It Regularly

Nothing turns off a possible new client faster than an unkempt, dirty office. It causes clients to believe that you’re lazy and don’t care about your business’s appearance, which probably translates into your service or product quality. A few things that contribute to an unappealing office include trash bins overflowing with waste, grimy, dirty floors, and filthy bathrooms without any tissue or soap. 

The good news is that you can quickly remedy this by entrusting the task to office cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale, who can come over on a specified schedule to scrub your office until it is always sparkling clean. Not only will your clients be impressed by the careful eye you put towards maintaining your office, but your employees will appreciate it as well.

  1. Organize Your Clutter

Offices are busy, so it’s natural to see a flurry of activity, a few piles of paper, and a wayward paperclip or two. However, if your office clutter is out of control, it will only create a stressful environment for your employees and clients. Be sure to put away the everyday tools you use, including your brooms and mops, and store them in the appropriate place, like a broom closet.

Ensure that everyone throws their trash in the right place and picks up after themselves. Keep an eye for items left out in the open like cleaning products, mugs, and others that are best kept in their proper storage.

  1. Use a Coffee Cart

Your employees are hard at work contributing to your success, so you’ll want to reward them accordingly. Use a coffee cart or create a coffee and snack station, which will contain all food-related messes and help keep your office clean. Add beverage choices like bottled water, tea, coffee, and some snacks, like cookies, crackers, or little cakes. Your employees will enjoy the boost of energy they’ll get from nibbling on these, and your clients will feel more welcome when you offer them something to eat.

A coffee cart will also encourage everyone to eat at a designated area, preventing stray wrappers or tea bags from making themselves comfortable on the floor. You’ll avoid a messy office while encouraging cleanliness by directing everyone to a specific place to stock up on snacks and drinks.

  1. Decorate Your Space

A bare office tends to feel cold and inhospitable to clients. To avoid this, spruce up your office with some wall décor, which will infuse it with more personality and make it look warmer and inviting. Blank walls tend to feel sterile, but adding welcoming wall art while representing your company’s beliefs or values will make clients feel more positive.

Be sure to add some décor to your surfaces, especially in your waiting area. A few coffee table books and flower vases should do the trick, but don’t go overboard, as you’ll end up with a visually overwhelming office.


Cleanliness is a significant factor in creating a positive impression on your clients. By following these tips and hiring a commercial cleaning company, you’ll enjoy a clean, attractive office that your clients and employees will love.

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