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5 Areas Your Business Probably Forgot to Clean

Plus Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company to Help Make Your Business Shine!

Cleaning certain areas of an office or business is probably a no brainer. We all know how important it is to clean the bathrooms and vacuum the floors.

But there are some areas that are often forgotten about. They are generally less visible or just overlooked in the cleaning process.

However, not cleaning these often-forgotten-about areas can mean a negative first impression for customers and visitors. Plus, it can make the workplace unpleasant for employees.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

A commercial cleaning service won’t forget about these areas of your business. It’s their job not to! Those baseboards behind the sofa in your lobby–it’s on their list. The flooring under your giant copy machine–they’ve got that under control too.  

There are other benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning agency. Here are just a few:

  • It saves you time.
  • It saves you money because you don’t have to worry about buying supplies or equipment maintenance.
  • They set a cleaning routine that makes your business shine!
  • They can help out in an emergency.
  • It helps prolong the life of your equipment and flooring.
  • They are pros and have the training and know how to clean and disinfect correctly.

Top 5 Areas Your Business Forgot to Clean

1 | The Microwave

Many people open up the microwave in the break room to a disgusting, baked-on food mess. Unfortunately, most employees have time to heat their food but never clean their mess. Nor does anyone think to clean under and behind it. But a cleaning team will ensure the break room microwave is clean and healthy for every employee to use. 

2 | Behind Big Furniture and Equipment

Moving big furniture, like a sofa, or large equipment, like the copy machine, just isn’t often done by employees. But there is likely a lot of dust that has accumulated under and behind these big items. A professional cleaning agency will ensure these items are moved for cleaning of floors on a routine schedule. They will also make sure the glass on your copier is squeaky clean so you get smudge-free, professional looking documents!

3 | The Baseboards

Vacuuming the floors–easy! But those baseboards often get neglected. Dust and scuff marks can make your business look dirty. Plus, that pileup of dust will eventually make its way into your HVAC systems, creating air that is unhealthy to breathe. But a professional commercial cleaner will dust and scrub the baseboards to make your office clean and healthy for everyone. 

4 | The Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

When we think of cleaning, we often think about looking down at the horizontal surfaces in front of us, like counters, desks, and flooring. Most forget to look up. Your light fixtures and ceiling fans accumulate dust. This can dull the light coming from your fixtures, which can make it hard for visitors and employees to see. Fluorescent lights are also a magnet for bugs to die in, which can look dirty and unprofessional. And no one wants to be showered in dirt and dust from a dirty ceiling fan! A commercial cleaning agency will get up high to clean your light fixtures and even ceiling tiles or vents and ducts to make sure your business shines bright and is healthy for all. 

5 | Window Treatments and Upholstery

Soft surfaces and window treatments, such as blinds, are often forgotten about or just not done often, because let’s face it–cleaning all the slats on a set of blinds can be time consuming! But like all other surfaces in your business, these items can accumulate dirt and dust too. By cleaning these items routinely, it can help keep your furniture and window treatments looking good as well as prolong their life. 

South Florida’s Trusted Commercial Cleaner

AK Building Services has been helping businesses in South Florida shine for over 25 years. We are family owned and operated, plus our cleaning teams are highly trained and knowledgeable. We’ll make sure that your business is cleaned and disinfected to the highest of standards, even in an emergency. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable services and to get a quote! 

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