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5 Best Ways for Your Office to Stay Clean and Pristine

A great number of folks end up spending most of their days, and even nights, in the office. With all that time spent, it’s normal to think that this space is healthy and spotless. Unfortunately, offices are usually one of the dirtiest places to be at. Have a phone on your desk? It has over 25,000 germs per square inch. With that in mind, the number of germs in your office is magnanimous.

Keeping your office clean and pristine has to be your number one priority. This is more important than ever, given the recent global pandemic. Here are some of the best ways for your office to remain clean as well as pristine:

Dust Daily

While this may seem default, it is worth noting anyway. Dust is a major issue, which leads to diseases and germs to spread widely from one place to another. Dusty offices are not pleasant to work in to begin with. This is made worse by the fact that all that dust will heighten the risk of workplace illnesses. 

Electronics Maintenance

From your desktop computers to your printer all the way to your refrigerator, keeping your office electronics clean is key. Dust and wipe where appropriate. The refrigerator, in particular, could host a plethora of germs when it’s not cleaned out regularly. A lot of fridges made in the last couple of years have removable shelves that can be washed. They can be given a quick wash with soap and water, which will address a lot of germs.

File Paperwork Regularly

While the world is mostly digital, the use of paper in offices is practically inevitable. Until the day comes when being fully paperless is possible, it is crucial to properly dispose of any paperwork you can already let go of. Craft or enforce a rule wherein staff are required to file papers as needed, then go on to recycle them. This will help create a much tidier look for your office. 

Maximize Hand Sanitizers

If there’s anything COVID-19 has taught us, it’s the importance of using hand sanitizers. Ensure that your office is clean and remains hygienic by having bottles of them spread out in your office. Encourage and gently remind people to use them, too. In this simple way, you will be able to assist in curbing the spreading of germs throughout your office.

Keep Things in Their Proper Places

It is crucial for everything in your office to have a home. Otherwise, keeping things organized and tidy will be quite difficult. There is usually already a home for most things, but something like a bulky copy machine can be tough to nest. In cases like that, finding a temporary place until the item can be replaced with something more size-appropriate can be a good solution.


Spending a lot of time in the office can be inconvenient if your environment is dirty and not well-kept. The coronavirus pandemic has made cleanliness and hygiene more important than ever. Take proactive steps, such as the ones we mentioned above, for your office to remain clean and pristine.

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