5 Spots in Your Workplace That Need Cleaning [Our Guide]

Keeping your workplace free from dirt, germs, viruses, and bacteria should be one of your top priorities, especially during this pandemic. By investing in commercial cleaning services, you can also impress your clients and visitors, as you create a healthy working environment for your employees and prevent them from getting ill. 

While your office may look tidy, harmful microorganisms can hide in various spots in your place of business. Here are some areas in your workplace that need special cleaning attention:

  1. Scanners, photocopiers, and printers

Germs can hide anywhere, as they can linger on surfaces you and your employees use every day. For instance, shared office technology can serve as a haven for microorganisms. As you press the buttons of your printers, scanners, and photocopiers daily, dirt and bacteria can spread, letting everyone contract illnesses. 

Leaving your machines uncleaned can cause the spread of disease. Fortunately, you can solve the issue by keeping some sanitizing wet wipes next to each piece of equipment and wipe the buttons down after every use. You can also disinfect them thoroughly with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol.

  1. Telephones

Landline telephones can help you conduct business and communicate with your business partners or clients. When they ring, you often grab them without any hesitation. However, these phones are a breeding ground for infectious bacteria. You seldom think about washing your hands after answering them, which means microorganisms can easily reach your nose, eyes, or mouth.

Keep a stash of antibacterial wipes next to your telephones and mobile phones, and regularly disinfect the handsets and keypads. This way, you can reduce the risk of spreading illness-causing germs. You can also consider washing your hands or disinfecting them with alcohol after answering the phone.

  1. Door handles

Your door handles are some of the most frequently used areas in your office. Since hands are a major carrier of germs and bacteria, microorganisms that linger on these surfaces can easily cause the spread of illnesses.

Consider using rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or washing your hands after opening or closing a door. If you work with a commercial cleaning company, make sure disinfecting your doorknobs and handles is part of your cleaning team’s routine. These safety precautions are especially important if your office space welcomes a large number of people regularly.

  1. Elevators buttons

If your establishment has multiple floors, taking an elevator may be part of your routine. Be careful when pressing elevator buttons because they are filled with bacteria. If possible, use your elbow or knuckle to select your floor and wash or disinfect your hands right away to kill germs and other microorganisms.

  1. Keyboards 

Keyboards may seem like a paradise for bacteria and germs, and they can accumulate over time when left uncleaned. This is especially true if you regularly eat meals while working. Therefore, use your sanitizing wipes and air dusters to keep your keyboard free of food particles, germs, and bacteria.


Just because your workplace looks clean doesn’t mean it is free from germs, bacteria, and viruses. These microorganisms can linger and hide on different surfaces. To ensure everyone in your team stays healthy this pandemic, disinfect your office and pay special cleaning attention to the areas listed above.

Invest in your office’s cleanliness and employees’ health by seeking our top-notch commercial cleaning services in Florida. At AK Building Services, we offer comprehensive janitorial and maintenance services for different establishments. Contact us to request a quote!

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