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7 Reasons Why You Need a Commercial Cleaning Company

The Benefits of Hiring a Dependable Commercial Cleaning Agency

Running a business or a school can really keep you busy. There are a lot of different things you have to think about each day, and keeping your spaces clean may be one of the furthest from your mind.

With the new year having just passed, it’s a good time to resolve to keep your spaces clean! It’s not just about starting off fresh early on in the new year, but also about maintaining a healthy space for everyone who works, learns, and visits your spaces, whether it’s a school or business.

With all the work you have to do, cleaning shouldn’t be one of your duties, and that is why you should hire the pros to do it for you! Here are seven benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning company. 

1 | Increased Productivity

When spaces are clean, employees and students work better! Clean spaces with clean air that is easier to breathe and that are free of dust and clutter allows your employees and students to focus on what truly matters. 

In fact, the EPA reports that indoor air quality is one of the top 5 risks to health in the United States. Studies have shown that indoor air often contains higher levels of pollutants than outside air, thanks to dust and germs. All of this can cut down on how well your employees or students are able to concentrate on the task at hand, especially if they are constantly sneezing!

By hiring a commercial cleaning company, you’ll know that your spaces are routinely cleaned so that air quality is improved and spaces are free of dust and clutter, giving your employees and students a space where they can get down to work!

2 | Reduced Absenteeism

Keeping spaces clean and healthy also helps cut down on the spread of bacteria and viruses that can lead to illness. This can be especially important during the height of cold and flu season. When your public spaces are not properly sanitized, illnesses spread and that can lead to higher rates of absenteeism, which can cost your business or school money when you have to get someone else to cover an employee who is out sick. 

Hiring a commercial cleaning company means that you’ll know that the right tools, solutions, and techniques are being used to properly sanitize your spaces, which helps reduce absenteeism. 

3 | Professional Appearance

A clean space allows you to put your best foot forward. Visitors, clients, and prospective students’ families will see that you take pride in your spaces and that reflects positively on your professionalism. It can also give a good morale booster for your current students or employees!

With a dependable commercial cleaning agency, you’ll know that your spaces will always look their best for visitors. 

4 | Better for the Environment

Trusted commercial cleaning agencies can be a win-win for you, your employees or students, and the environment! A trusted and reliable commercial cleaning company will ensure that non-toxic, non-allergenic, green solutions are used in all their services. These green and non-toxic solutions are just as effective as other solutions, if not more so. This means that no one’s allergies will be set off and no one will be distracted by strong chemical odors. It also means that you aren’t polluting the environment. 

5 | The Right Solutions for Healthy Spaces

Commercial cleaning companies already have the right equipment and cleaning solutions for healthier spaces. They are also able to maintain that equipment regularly, which is something you won’t ever have to worry about! Because they often bring their own equipment and materials with them, you also get the bonus of having storage space freed up for items other than cleaning equipment and solutions.

6 | Customizable Services

Trustworthy commercial cleaning agencies have customizable services and emergency services. This ensures that your exact needs are met. A commercial cleaner can also set up a good weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule for your cleaning services. For example, you don’t need to have your carpets deep cleaned every week, but your cleaning company will know the perfect time to schedule it based on your specific needs! A great commercial cleaner will also be on hand for emergencies 24/7, so that you can take care of the unexpected as soon as possible. 

7 | Long-Term Cost Savings

Finally, many of the above benefits lead to long-term cost savings for your business or school! With customizable services, you aren’t paying for things you don’t need. And because a commercial cleaner buys cleaning solutions in bulk, they are able to pass those savings on to you. They also buy and maintain their own equipment, which can be much cheaper than if you did it yourself. Lastly, having a good cleaning schedule can extend the life of your flooring, furniture, and equipment, giving you even more long-term savings. 

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