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A To-Do List to Determine a Good Commercial Cleaning Service

Maintaining your own commercial space can be rather difficult. There could be stains just about everywhere, garbage cans filled to the brim, and webs of dust collecting in every corner of the floor and ceiling. Not only can this affect the clients coming into the room, but it also affects the employees who come in every single day. 

It’s crucial to have everything clean and in order, not just for appearance’s sake but for the health and well-being of others as well. Hiring commercial cleaning services in Florida can help turn things around and turn the space from what looks like a mess to something completely brand-new.

However, getting a good commercial cleaning service for your store or office can be quite a feat. It is a different environment from the residences and personal spaces, after all. Here’s a short to-do list to help you find and determine the commercial cleaning service for your building.

Background-Check a Little

Doing some research online on the commercial cleaning services near your area can help you start to learn what your options are and what they have to offer. Check out their websites to see whether they would offer cleaning for commercial spaces and what past clients are saying about them. 

If you see five stars and positive reviews, it may be time to put that business in the running. Be wary of anything too good to be true, though, like low fees and all-in services that may be promising too much.

Take Some Recommendations

Aside from checking on the net, be sure to ask for recommendations from the people you trust. A fellow business owner with their own commercial space or someone from the family may have referrals they want to recommend.

When you inquire, don’t be afraid to ask for some references and testimonials as well. Seeing whether they had any troubles dealing with the commercial cleaners or were satisfied with the results can be a great eye-opener.

Inquire about the Process and Products

Once you’ve finally narrowed down which commercial cleaning company you want to work with, contact them and send them an inquiry. Be sure to screen them and ask different questions regarding their services and what cleaning products they use.

It’s good to be flexible, but you should also establish non-negotiables. Have specific criteria about what you’re looking for. Are you really okay with chemical cleaners, or do you prefer something more eco-friendly? Are you looking for certain cleaning processes or packages?

Check for Liability Insurance

A commercial cleaning service will be assigned to go to your property, where they may be susceptible to injuries while on the job. To save your business from any future trouble, be sure to work with cleaners that are reputable and able to offer liability insurance. It can also be a test of legitimacy as well. 

Speak about Scheduling

Company operations may be affected when the cleaning commences, so coordinate on scheduling beforehand. Communication is vital to ensure that any planning problems would be resolved immediately. When you finally close the deal and make an arrangement, look forward to your commercial space looking brand-new.


Getting a commercial cleaner is a must for your professional space to be spotless. It makes a better first impression on clients and customers. Plus, your workers will have a better working environment and perhaps increase productivity too. 
In need of commercial cleaning services in Florida? AK Building Services has an impressive portfolio of office cleaning, janitorial, and maintenance work done in Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, Treasure Coast, and St. Lucie County areas. Get in touch with us today!

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