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Areas You May Miss to Clean if You Don’t Hire a Pro

Deep cleaning can be a pain. But it’s worth it. There are so many benefits to having a thoroughly deep clean in your office space once in a while. While it may be common knowledge to see fewer sick days, a better work environment, and a happier team, there may be areas that you miss if you DIY the deep clean. 

This blog post will shed light on what these areas are and why hiring a professional cleaner may be a better idea. 

Areas You May Miss to Clean if You Don’t Hire a Pro

1 – Window Blinds

Many office spaces will have their window blinds cleaned each time the company cleans. But what about when it is up to you to clean. Furniture or papers can become stuck to the blinds, leaving great spots for the dust to gather.

You should clean your blinds behind your desk and near doors each month.

2 – Ceiling Fans

These are often forgotten. And this is understandable. If you are getting up on a ladder, you’re risking a fall and injury. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about cleaning them also. Ceiling fans are notorious for collecting dust. If you have one, consider yourself warned.

3 – Break Room Kitchenette

This is a common area where dust will gather. If you have a microwave, refrigerator, and sink, you can imagine how well they may look after a while. If you opt-out of hiring a cleaning service, consider cleaning this area every other month.

4 – Air Vents

These are fantastic at dispersing stale air and filtering the air in your office. But they can become a mess quickly. If you don’t have enough time to clean each vent, make sure you hire a service to clean them on a regular basis.

5 – Office Chairs and Furniture

Cleaning your office chairs or furniture may be one of your least favorite activities. But you should clean them on a regular basis. This is especially true if the materials they are made of can allow dust to stick easily.

6 – Fire Extinguishers

These are important safety features. But they are commonly forgotten, especially during times of office cleaning. When you get your office space cleaned at least once a year, consider requesting a professional to clean your extinguishers. Not only will this offer a better appearance, but it helps remind you of the importance of fire safety.

7 – Computer and Printer Cart

The printer and computer can create a lot of dust. But they will be even dustier if you don’t clean them regularly. If you don’t have time to clean these each month, consider hiring an office cleaning service.


There are so many areas of your office you will miss if you elect not to hire a professional cleaning service. Remember, you can never have too much cleaning. These are just a few of the areas in your office that you may miss if you don’t hire a professional cleaning service. When you run your business, remember that time is of the essence. But you should also remember to be diligent in your cleaning. It’s not just the appearance; it’s the health of your employees and customers too.

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