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Best and Worst Practices for Cleaning Your Office’s Lights

Your office’s light fixtures can significantly impact your space and determine which environment your company offers to potential employees and clients. While it’s crucial to find the right ones for your office, you must remember that their cleanliness can also make or break your first impression. 

Dirty light bulbs can reduce the light quantity and create a neglected space. On the other hand, reaching out to office cleaning services to clean your light fixtures regularly can maximize your lighting system and create a more welcoming environment. 

We put together an office cleaning service’s best and worst practices for cleaning your office’s lights. 

The Best Ways to Clean Your Office Lights

Properly cleaning your office lights can ensure their longer lifespan and improve their look. This section will discuss the best habits for cleaning your workspace’s lighting system. 

1. Prepare Beforehand

Office cleaning services strongly recommend packing a lot of patience and forethought and finding the right equipment to help you clean them quickly and efficiently.

2. Gather the Necessary Supplies

Next, you must find suitable cleaning materials, such as soft towels, pure water, lampshade vacuum cleaners, glass-friendly detergent, and hot liquid. 

Office cleaning services strongly recommend testing the soap on a hidden area of your lighting system to avoid damaging your glass fixtures. You can restore the stained glass’s original shape by soaking the bulbs in white vinegar. 

 3. Identify Your Light Fixtures 

After that, you must determine what light fixtures you have to ensure you use the proper cleaning techniques. 

  • Pendant Lights

Using a damp towel, you can clean several pendant lights while hanging. You may also need to remove the globes from your lighting systems and soak them in warm soapy water. 

  • Ceiling Fans

On the other hand, you can clean your ceiling fans properly by removing the globes and soaking them in soapy water. You can also clean the bulbs and fittings while washing the orbs. Next, dry the spheres and reassemble the fan. 

  • Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Lights

And to clean your flush-mount indoor ceiling lights properly, remove the covers and submerge them in a warm soapy water solution. Wash the light bulbs and use a damp cloth to clean the fixture. Ensure the surfaces are clean and dry before replacing them.

  • Recessed Lights

However, when cleaning your recessed or LED ceiling lights, you only need to remove and clean the bulbs. You must also clean and dry the canisters thoroughly. 

4. Handle Them Carefully

Regardless of the material, you must also remember to handle your lighting systems carefully to ensure their long lifespan. A gentle moist cloth works best for glass fixtures, while beaded and fabric shades only require gentle vacuuming.

On the other hand, paper shades only need a dry cloth and a little elbow grease to remove dirt and dust. Office cleaning services also recommend replacing your paper shades when they accumulate significant amounts of dirt or dust. 

Worst Cleaning Habits

After identifying the best practices, here are the worst cleaning habits you must always avoid. 

1. Put Shades in a Washing Machine

Office cleaning services don’t recommend cleaning your shades in a washing machine or dishwasher because it can damage and distort the form. The wrong cleaning solutions can also make the glass and soldering point cloudy.

2. Use Fan Blades as Stabilizers

When cleaning your ceiling fans, office cleaning services strongly discourage using fan blades to stabilize yourself on the ladder because they can shift and cause accidents.

3. Risk Your Safety

Lastly, we recommend switching off your lighting systems before cleaning to remove the risk of electric shock. Also, move the ladder as often as necessary to avoid straining from reaching high areas.

Lighting up a Better Environment

Keeping a clean light fixture for your office can help you set a professional first impression and maximize their lighting quantity. However, you can always contact office cleaning services when the task seems overwhelming.

AK Building Services offers professional office cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale in Broward County to help companies enjoy a cleaner space. Book a cleaning appointment today!

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