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Choosing the Best Professional Medical Cleaning Service

Many companies and organizations rely on commercial cleaning services to not only maintain cleanliness in their buildings but also to project a professional appearance for their business. 

For instance, commercial cleaning companies in Florida, are expected to deliver disinfected offices, clean cushions in the waiting room, good indoor air quality, and spotless floors—among others.

Healthcare businesses, however, require more thorough cleaning procedures. They care for patients that potentially carry diseases every day, which also puts other vulnerable patients at risk. While an in-house cleaning team may seem good enough, they can use a professional helping hand to ensure every spot is sanitized, disinfected, and safe for all.

Professional healthcare cleaning services specialize in cleaning and disinfecting healthcare facilities like hospitals, surgical centers, laboratories, pharmacies, clinics, medical buildings, and doctors’ offices. They follow strict cleaning standards that can help improve the facility’s work environment. Below are guidelines on choosing the best medical cleaning service for your healthcare facility.

Look for a Janitorial Service with High Company Standards

Take the time to explore the website of the cleaning service you’re considering. Find out their company values and what their company stands for. If their company values align with yours, then that’s a good thing. You need to look further, though. Inspect their services and the cleaning equipment they use. Do they follow scientifically validated cleaning methods? Are they committed to meeting the standards set for healthcare environments?

Demand Quality Environmental Cleaning Standards

Healthcare facilities must meet environmental cleaning standards. Those that don’t comply face serious fines and the possibility of closure. They may even be legally liable for serious health issues of patients or employees due to the facility’s unclean environment. Before hiring a medical cleaning service, make sure its procedures deliver sufficient, patient-centered cleaning.

Work with a Company That Upholds OSHA Requirements

Your medical cleaning service provider must understand the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s mission to “ensure that employees work in a safe and healthful environment.” 

OSHA requires employers to keep their workplaces free of serious recognized hazards, and this is especially applicable to healthcare facilities. When the cleaning service upholds OSHA’s values, it means it has strict standards for sanitation.

Gauge Credibility through Experience and Work History 

It will be very helpful for your decision if you can set up a meeting with your top chosen medical janitorial companies in South Florida. Conduct a thorough interview and gauge their credibility by looking into their work history. Do they have experience sanitizing various healthcare facilities? 

As for references and confirm with their current and past clients whether they walk the talk. You can also check if they have a positive brand reputation online. Read the reviews not only on their websites but also on Google My Business and the Better Business Bureau.


A professional medical cleaning service has additional responsibilities to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the healthcare facility’s patients, medical staff, and employees. Healthcare workers are exposed to countless germs and viruses every minute they are in the medical facility. If you are in charge of a medical facility’s cleaning protocols, you should prioritize the safety and protection of the staff and patients and invest in a reliable healthcare cleaning service.

If you want a reputable cleaning company in South Florida, look no further than AK Building Services. We are South Florida’s experienced and trusted commercial cleaning provider, offering a comprehensive portfolio of janitorial and maintenance services for commercial buildings, medical facilities, condominiums, schools, and more. Contact us today to ensure the best professional medical cleaning services for your healthcare facility!

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