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Clean, Healthy Spaces Bring Happy, Sick-Free Faces

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Recent events have been an eye-opener to the world. We think about flu season for a short time in the year, but otherwise, we rarely think critically about how we are protecting the public and promoting health. Regardless of what illness is floating around, recent illnesses have opened our eyes to a few important things.

  1. We’re in this together. Bacteria and viruses don’t care what country or town we live in; they like to go wherever they please. This means that any public place becomes susceptible to illnesses spreading. We’ve seen countries band together with the recent Coronavirus scares in an effort to work together to prevent future illness. If we all took that approach in our local communities and workplaces, we would be much more adept at preventing the spread of colds, flus, and other illnesses.
  2. Public spaces matter. Whenever there is a big outbreak of an illness, we become more aware than ever of how important public space cleanliness is to health. When we take care to clean these spaces properly, we can stop bacteria and viruses dead in their tracks. Proper commercial cleaning is a key component to this effort. We know what bases to cover to ensure that surfaces are properly cleaned and sanitized. 
  3. We have a responsibility. Each person has a responsibility to help prevent the spread of disease. If you’re sick, stay home. If you are healthy, do what you can to prevent illness. If we all work to keep common surfaces and spaces free of contagious illness, we can do our part to stay healthy. This also means that managers of public spaces have a responsibility to maintain a clean, healthy space for people to use. 

It can be overwhelming to consider how to do your part to stay healthy and help keep those who use your public spaces healthy. As experts in commercial cleaning, we know how powerful regular, comprehensive cleaning can be to keep workspaces healthy, happy, and full of smiling faces. Can commercial cleaning be the key? We believe it’s a vital piece to the puzzle to personal, and community health!

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