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Cleaning Your Office [Here’s Why You Should Outsource]

Having regular office cleaning services is crucial in maintaining your office space’s cleanliness, your staff’s health, and maintaining high morale. However, budget constraints and cost-saving efforts may make it difficult to continue with an in-house cleaning and janitorial service. 

Another solution for this is to consider outsourcing your commercial cleaning services to maintain the same frequency of office cleaning. It will save you costs as well as improve the quality of cleaning being done for your office! Contracting the right company to handle your cleaning needs will dictate the quality of service that you get—which is why choosing the perfect one is crucial. 

Besides a cleaner space, here are other benefits that outsourcing cleaning services can bring you:

  1. Complete Services for the Right Price

Choosing to go with an outsourced cleaning or janitorial service will benefit you in more ways than just a cheaper service cost. These service providers can also reduce the cleaning time while ensuring that more gets done. They also offer better cleaning equipment and supplies typically offered for less than if you had to supply it in-house. 

Aside from that, you also won’t need to spend a dime on the recruitment, onboarding, and training processes that come with hiring in-house cleaning staff. It frees you up from shelling out excessive amounts of money, time, and effort!

  1. More Thorough and Effective Cleaning

In-house cleaning services might be trained to wipe down surfaces and vacuum the carpets, but the most thorough cleaning can only be provided by specialists outsourced from companies whose focus is to provide such services. 

It is more practical to hire through a commercial cleaning company rather than taking that function on in your own business. While there are many functions and roles in an organization, it doesn’t make sense to spend more money and energy on something that doesn’t directly contribute to the company’s goals as a whole. The better option would be to leave this function to the professionals who can focus all their energies on their expertise. 

  1. More Flexible Services 

Business needs change throughout the year, so it’s ideal to find a janitorial company that can adjust to your manpower requirements as things change. Good commercial cleaning companies will typically have personnel at the ready or scale back on deployed cleaning staff as needed. 

On the other hand, if you were to have a set headcount hired at your business for cleaning, there’s not much you can do except continue paying them for work that doesn’t need to be done for the time being. This can be a great expense and will leave your hired janitors with nothing to do. 

  1. Personnel Trained for the Job 

There are instances where people hired for one job are tasked to do another, which can happen in cleaning services. Sometimes, the lines will begin to blur as the need becomes more pronounced. 

Security guards on duty might start to pick up after employees when they do their rounds, which eventually leads to more regular cleaning. Or perhaps an administrative clerk is also tasked with sweeping up the office after everybody has clocked out. This not only affects employee morale and may not be in line with correct labor practices, but it’s a guarantee for sloppy, half-baked work. 

  1. Better Value for the Service Provided

All supplies and equipment used by outsourced personnel are provided by the commercial cleaning company, which can purchase everything at a better value and with better quality. Having in-house staff and purchasing their materials through your business wouldn’t add the same value as hiring professionals with better products and equipment to deliver quality, efficiency, and value to their customers. 


Having your office cleaned is a significant part of ensuring the maintenance of your property and the health of your staff. Cleaning services might seem like something your business or company can handle, but in many cases turns out not to be the most economical or effective option. Getting the best quality cleaning services possible should be a priority, but it should not cost you an arm and a leg, which is what outsourcing gives you—a cost-effective choice for quality cleaning. 
If you need business cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, AK Building Services offers cleaning services for different buildings, including offices, medical facilities, and condominiums in the area. We provide both janitorial and maintenance services throughout South Florida. Get in touch with us today to get a quote on our cleaning services!

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