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Get Schooled in Commercial Cleaning: Why Commercial Cleaning matters for Higher Education

And What You Should Pay Attention To 

As you begin to prepare your universities and schools to open back up for the fall semester, and think about the upcoming cold and flu season, one thing you should add to your list is how you plan to keep your buildings properly clean for teachers, staff and students. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic underscored just how important it is to keep places of mass gathering healthy for everyone. And one of the best ways to do just that is to hire a commercial cleaning service. So why does commercial cleaning matter for higher education? We’ve laid out the top reasons you should choose commercial cleaning, and what you should pay attention to.

Cost Efficient

Because commercial cleaning services have already invested in the necessary equipment and products, choosing commercial cleaning can be more cost efficient for your schools. Not only does it help keep more money in your budget for other things, but it also takes the stress off of you. By hiring a commercial cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about maintaining equipment or emergency maintenance on or replacement of that equipment. 

Customized Services

Any great commercial cleaning company will customize your services for you. Not all campuses are alike and your needs will be different, depending on how large your campus is and what your different buildings are used for. Here are some of the maintenance options that AK Building Services offers for schools and universities:

  • Daily dusting and cleaning.
  • Trash removal in classrooms, offices, common areas, cafeterias and break rooms.
  • Kitchen and cafeteria cleaning, including but not limited to: lunch tables, polishing sinks and faucets, mopping, disinfecting countertops and cleaning appliances. 
  • Restroom janitorial services including cleaning and sanitizing
  • Daily, weekly or monthly window cleaning.
  • Medical cleaning of your on-campus health center and medical classrooms. We use the most advanced and scientifically validated cleaning methods and equipment to sanitize these facilities and our employees are routinely trained to ensure they are using the most up-to-date cleaning methods. 

Sanitization and Emergency Cleaning Services

Sanitization is very important as a preventative measure. Commercial cleaning services will ensure that surfaces are properly and routinely sanitized with the right products. The best services will also constantly train their employees in the latest cleaning and sanitization methods to ensure that your campus is ready for the cold and flu season or whatever else may come your way. 

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning not only creates a safe and healthy campus, but it is also environmentally friendly and eliminates harmful chemicals in cleaners that can leave behind an unpleasant smell. This means that your campus will have an improved indoor air-quality and that even students, teachers and staff with skin sensitivities or asthma will be able to safely and comfortably work and learn in your buildings. 

Key Things to Pay Attention To

Here are some key things that you should make sure are in your school’s cleaning plan:

  • Focus on High-Touch Surfaces: There are surfaces that get touched a lot, such as door handles, computers, desks, bathrooms and light switches. Your cleaning plan should include rigorous cleaning and sanitization of these hot spots to ensure that germs are not being spread around.
  • Air Quality: Clean indoor air reduces allergies and illness and ensures that students and staff are able to do their best work every day.
  • Emergency Services: Be sure to speak with your commercial cleaning services about how they handle emergency clean-ups, such as spills or clogged toilets. 
  • Change in Seasons: Also talk to your commercial cleaning service about cleaning during different seasons. During snowy or rainy seasons, you will need to clean floors more frequently.


Keeping your school or university campus clean and safe for everyone should be of a top priority. By keeping your buildings properly cleaned and sanitized, you can reduce illness and ensure that everyone is working and learning to the best of their ability. 
AK Building Services has the experience to clean your school or university. We offer customized cleaning plans, including top notch medical facility cleaning. We are also LEED certified and are committed to using environmentally friendly products and practices that make your school or campus safe and healthy for everyone. Contact us today to set up an appointment or get your free quote.

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