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Factors to Know When Hiring a Medical Cleaning Company

If your company falls under the healthcare industry, you know that you require continuous developments to ensure you meet your customers’ needs and demands. Part of keeping them safe and prioritizing what’s best for them is hiring a commercial cleaning company.

However, you can’t just hire any professional cleaner who doesn’t have the same values as your firm. Any facility providing medical solutions should maintain high HCAHPS scores to keep their patients satisfied, exceed their expectations, and prove you have what it takes to support their good health.

As much as possible, you should get a cleaning provider specializing in medical cleaning and not general cleaning alone. Because of the regulatory concerns and challenges healthcare industries face, you don’t want to risk your HCAHPS scores. Keep reading below to find out how you can tell if the cleaning provider you hire is suitable for your healthcare facility.

They Offer Disinfection Solutions

As a member of the healthcare industry, you must do everything in your power to take in patients that require your immediate assistance. When hiring a medical commercial cleaning company, they must prove they’re competent to provide high-quality cleaning solutions.

Their services should include control and prevention measures necessary to prevent bacteria and infection from spreading throughout your building. If their background involves preventive measures to minimize the risks of COVID-19, the more reasons for you to choose them.

They Take HCAHPS Scores Seriously

The HCAHPS scoring system consists of detailed information that your healthcare facility must meet to showcase that you can safeguard your patients no matter what. It proves that your medical establishment is there for people to cater to their best interests without ever putting their lives in danger because of your facilities.

Similarly, janitorial companies must show that they want your HCAHPS score to remain high. However, if you’re struggling to maintain a budget, there are greater chances that you will settle for cheaper cleaning services unless you want to put your patients and facility first.

They Provide Competitive Prices 

One of the reasons healthcare facilities often opt for general cleaning is because of budget constraints. That’s why some cleaning companies offering janitorial services will convince their customers through their discounted offers without assuring high-quality services.

Since you hold your patients’ lives in your hands, you must target professional medical cleaning firms that deliver quality solutions at competitive prices. Although they come out as more expensive, it’s only necessary to put your patients’ needs first above everything.

They Know the Cleaning Regulations

Before you signed up to manage a healthcare business, you may have already known the challenges that you’re bound to face, such as regulatory policies that you must follow at all times. Aside from you, the cleaning company you reach out to should also know the rules.

You know your chosen cleaning provider is the right one if they can prove they have reliable knowledge regarding HIPPA, OSHA, and other regulatory requirements. While initiating their cleaning methods, they should show they have what it takes to meet industry regulations.


When looking for a cleaning company for your medical establishment, you shouldn’t settle for a provider that only knows general cleaning solutions. Instead, it will be better for you to hire one with relevant knowledge about the medical industry. When they provide disinfection solutions, take HCAHPS scores seriously, provide competitive prices, and know the cleaning regulations, you know you’ve found the right cleaning experts. 

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