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4 Tips on Properly Cleaning Your Condo During the Pandemic

The pandemic has made many of us paranoid when it comes to germs. And although getting carried away with cleaning should be avoided to maintain a healthy relationship with cleanliness, regularly cleaning your home should still be a priority.

Taking the right precautions when going out is essential to keep you and your family safe. But you can minimize the risk even further by preventing these germs from getting into your home. Here are a few tips to keep your condo clean during the pandemic.

  1. Prepare the Appropriate Cleaning Supplies 

When keeping your home clean for the pandemic, you’re going to be doing more than just sweeping and mopping. You have to have the right cleaning supplies to disinfect your home properly. 

When purchasing cleaning supplies, you must first check the list of disinfecting products provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to effectively kill the virus. You probably should get some reliable detergents and bleach-based products along with hand soaps for yourself. 

And don’t just focus on cleaning agents. You should also get some gloves to protect you from contamination as you clean. It’s also best to wear your mask while cleaning for further protection.

  1. Learn How to Clean Different Surfaces

The lifespan of viruses can vary among different surfaces. So, it’s best to be knowledgeable about the cleaning required for particular surfaces. You can often find cleaning instructions for various surfaces on the back of many cleaning products. If you’re not sure, it’s best to Google it to avoid misinformation.

  1. Regularly Clean Frequently Touched Items

You’ll come into contact with some items more than others. And since the hands are the primary receptacle of the virus, you may spread it when you touch different objects. So, it’s essential to clean these items frequently to avoid transmitting the virus indirectly to other members of your household.

Some of the things you should regularly sanitize include the light switches, doorknobs, handles, remote controls, and appliance buttons. Have a rule in your household to regularly sanitize these items and encourage your family members to follow this rule diligently.

  1. Regularly Replace Your Sheets and Linens

Current research is yet to show the definitive amount of time the virus can last on bed sheets, linens, and pillowcases. So, just to be safe, it’s best to regularly replace these items, especially if you frequently need to go out due to work. 

It’s also a good practice not to sit or lie on your bed with dirty clothes on. Make sure you shower or wash up before heading to bed at night.

In Summary

Cleanliness is crucial for fighting this virus. Aside from keeping your hands clean, you should also ensure that you keep the virus out of your home by regularly cleaning your condo. Make sure you get EPA-approved cleaning products and disinfectants to help sanitize your home. You should also know how to clean different surfaces as the virus’s lifespan on these surfaces can vary. Also, practice regularly sanitizing frequently touched objects and replacing bed sheets and linens.

If you don’t have the time or energy to clean your condo, you can always acquire condo cleaning services to help you out. AK Building Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of janitorial and maintenance services for condominiums, offices, medical facilities, and schools. We provide quality commercial cleaning in Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, Treasure Coast, and St. Lucie County.

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