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Germ Hotbeds That Need Daily Cleaning

Zones in Your Business that Need Extra Attention from Commercial Cleaning Services

There is no denying that how your business looks can really affect your bottom line. It’s not only about the perception of being clean either; people want to know that you take their health and well-being seriously. While this is something that was amplified by the recent pandemic, people will continue to expect exceptionally well-cleaned businesses, medical offices, schools and other public spaces. 

Cleanliness Means Success

People now expect well-cleaned spaces, but we also mentioned it can affect your bottom line. By ensuring a clean and healthy space, you are taking pride in your business and building. This really shines through to customers, clients, and patients. People are more likely to return to a business that is squeaky clean, and when it comes to stores, customers might even spend more. Perception is reality and if your space is perceived to be clean by looks, they’ll make assumptions that it is germ-free too!

Beyond profits, cleanliness of your spaces also affects the productivity of your employees. Your workers will take pride in a clean business and that attitude translates to customers, patients, and clients. It also can help decrease the number of sick days your employees take because you are keeping their work areas clean and germ-free. 

Germ Hotbeds that Need Your Daily Attention

To make sure that you are putting your best foot forward for customers, patients, and clients, as well as keeping your employees healthy and working productively, here are some zones in your building that will need daily cleaning attention from day porters, commercial cleaning crews, or other customized cleaning options.

Lobbies and Entrances

This is the first thing that customers and clients see and it is a huge part of their first impression of your business. Be sure to keep windows spot free and sanitize door handles and service counters. Be sure to vacuum door mats at the end of each day and to mop hard surfaces. When it’s snowing or raining, be sure to put out extra mats to soak up moisture that people track in on their shoes. During these times, you might need to increase your mopping to more than once a day. 


We know that restrooms are a hotbed for germs, but it isn’t just your toilets that you need to be scrubbing. Don’t forget to wipe down and sanitize sinks, faucets, door handles, and stall handles. You also want to ensure that you are mopping the floor daily and cleaning up any spills right away. Don’t forget to keep your soap and paper products in good supply as well! 

Conference Rooms

These gathering places can be filled with more germs than you might think. People are touching a lot of surfaces here:  chairs, the table, door handles, computer presentation carts and more. Often, people will eat here when snacks are brought in during meetings. This means it is important that you wipe down and sanitize all surfaces daily. If food has been eaten, make sure to wipe down the table between meetings to get rid of crumbs and germs. 

Desk Areas

Keeping the working areas of your employees clean is key for productivity so be sure that these areas are sanitized daily to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. For sensitive equipment, like computers or labs, the use of an electrostatic sprayer can help gently clean while sanitizing the area. 

Other Common Areas

Other common areas like supply rooms and break rooms will also need daily cleaning. Your employees gather or come to these areas on a daily basis, giving plenty of opportunity for germs and viruses to spread if left unchecked. Wipe down and sanitize shared equipment, tables, chairs and more to keep your employees healthy and ready to work at their best level!

Help from the Pros

We understand that keeping your business clean while trying to run it at the same time can be difficult. Cleaning can be time consuming and when you have to buy all the supplies and equipment yourself, it can get very expensive. 

AK Building Services employs highly-trained and qualified professionals and uses the latest equipment that is well maintained. We worry about the little details so you don’t have to! Contact us today to learn how we can help keep your business clean and healthy for everyone with quality commercial cleaning services. 

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