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How the Pandemic Has Changed Americans’ Cleaning Habits

Plus Our Insights as a Commercial Cleaning Company

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much about our lives this past year. We changed how we worked, shopped and what we did for entertainment. We spent more time with our families at home and learned to navigate new ways of doing things in our daily life, like Zoom calls for work instead of in-person meetings and chatting with friends over Facetime instead of meeting for coffee. But another one of those changes has been seen in Americans’ cleaning habits. 

What Has Changed about Americans’ Cleaning Habits?

A new study conducted by SC Johnson found that the pandemic has improved Americans’ cleaning habits. According to this survey, half of respondents have adopted new cleaning routines during the pandemic. In fact, the survey found that those cleaning more often averaged an additional two hours of cleaning time compared to their pre-pandemic routines. Part of this new and improved cleaning routine has included paying closer attention to surfaces including door knobs and handles and cleaning in bathrooms and kitchens more often. The even better news is that 54% of respondents said they expect to keep their new and improved cleaning routines.

Our Insights: 

Improved cleaning habits are in part because we now spend more time at home than ever before and “germ awareness” is greater than ever. Cleaning helps us psychologically battle Covid and empowers us to create a virus-free safe haven. It also helps us feel like we have some control over our situations. The upside is now people appreciate and value a clean home which ultimately becomes a motivator for honing your cleaning routine in the future.

The Family Dynamic in Cleaning

Beyond general improved and deeper cleaning habits, the study also found that families are now cleaning together more often. Now, 44% of parents are reporting that their children are helping clean more than before the pandemic, which nearly three-quarters of parents say they expect their children to continue those habits after the pandemic. 

Our Insights: The pandemic taught families to work together to achieve a common goal: creating a safe and healthy home.  Hopefully these lessons will translate into lifelong habits. Remember, we always need to protect ourselves from common colds, Flu, and viruses. 

The Big Data Surprise

One of the biggest surprises this new study found was that Millennials spend more time cleaning than any other age group. Millennials spend an average of 8.2 hours per week cleaning compared to the average of 6 hours per week. Not only that, but Generation Z and Millennials say they enjoy cleaning. Just look at the breakdown: 

  • 75% of Millennials
  • 82% of Generation Z
  • 46% of Baby Boomers
  • 40% of Matures

Our Insights: These statistics show that no matter the age, people are dedicated to keeping their environment clean and healthy. Whether kids, young adults, families, or any age this change this significant change in behavior shows a greater emphasis and higher value on cleaning. Perhaps these new and improved habits are here to stay. Maybe it took a pandemic to show us how regular cleaning can make a huge difference in our quality of life. 

Our Insights: Beyond the Home

Greater awareness of cleaning habits in our own homes ripples into the workplace as well. As more people are fully vaccinated and return to a “normal life,” businesses and public places will continue to prioritize cleaning and disinfecting.  Trusting and communicating that your business, school, university, medical office, or businesses is a safe and healthy space is key to your success. 
Handling all of the cleaning and disinfecting on your own can be difficult and time consuming, and that is where a commercial cleaning service can help. AK Building Services is an experienced and trusted full service commercial cleaning provider. We offer an extensive portfolio and can even help with emergency clean up and disinfecting needs.  Contact us today to learn how we can help keep your space safe, healthy and clean for everyone.

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