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How To Keep Your Office Health This Flu Season

How To Keep Your Office Health This Flu Season

Flu Season & You: How To Keep Your Office Health This Flu Season


In 2018 alone, experts estimated that the flu cost employers $9 billion in paid sick time. That’s A LOT of money, not to mention the lack of productivity that the company experiences when someone is out sick. Sure, it’s great to get a day off, but wouldn’t you rather be off enjoying your day than taking a paid day off to fight the flu? 


As we approach the heavy flu season in the winter, it’s more important than ever before to keep your office clean. Think about it: we spend nearly half our day at our place of employment, and if just ONE person is sick it could affect everyone in the space. But, what if there was a better way? We just happen to know that better way and it starts with quality commercial cleaning.


Wait a second!  “You’re telling me that a commercial cleaning company can help my team stay healthy, productive, and helping the company out all flu season long?” 


That’s exactly what we’re telling you!


5 Ways You Can Keep Your Office Healthy This Flu Season


  1. Clean AND Sanitize. You can hire a cleaning company to come vacuum and empty trash and all of the basics, but when it comes to the flu virus and other illnesses, sanitizing is crucial. You need a commercial cleaning company who is focused on both and knows a thing or two about it. We’re certified to clean medical facilities, as well as Hazcom Certified and ProBloodBorne Certified. While you may not need these certifications for your own space, the fact that our teams know that level of clean and high standards tells you that we know how to get a space not just looking clean, but sanitized as well!
  2. Consistency. New people come in and out of your office each day, and so do the germs. Consistency is key when it comes to keeping your space healthy all flu season long. The best way to prevent an office-wide outbreak of the flu or other major illness is to have a regular pattern of cleaning focused on killing these germs. One and done is not going to cut it here! You’ve got to stay on it. 
  3. Encourage Healthy Work Habits. If someone is sick or worried they are sick, do you have the right remote working options in place to help keep the rest of your team healthy? Could you encourage that staff member to work remote or take the day off when they need to? Team cultures that encourage staff to come to work sick, will ultimately make the rest of the team sick. A more flexible approach during flu season could be the one policy that helps prevent a major outbreak.
  4. Make it Simple to Stay Clean. Keep hand sanitizer and soap easy to use. Encourage staff to wash their hands regularly. Simple reminders can help staff keep healthy habits and prevent the spreading of germs. 
  5. Focus on the Positive. So much about the flu season is centered around the fear of getting sick, but what if you also promote overall wellness? Encourage healthy eating habits and exercise. Encourage activities that foster a healthy immune system. Then, when a virus does make its way into your space, your team is healthier and can fight it faster. 

You can’t fully prevent the flu from making its way into your office space, but you can do a few smart things to prevent your entire office from getting infected. We’re here to help and can be a wonderful resource for your team as you enter flu season!

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