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How to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Daycare Center

When it comes to managing a daycare center, it’s important to remind yourself that it’s possible to encounter all kinds of germs and unwanted diseases from the environment. Children who arrive and unknowingly bring germs with them can infect other kids and workers near them—causing havoc and panic to reign in the center.

Since parents look forward to leaving their kids under your care, not only should you keep the children happy and satisfied but also clean and healthy throughout their stay. While you provide the kids with learning materials and activities to keep them busy, you need to find ways to maintain a safe and germ-free environment for everyone involved. 

In addition, you must do everything you can to prevent bacteria and diseases from infecting everyone by making sure your facilities are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected regularly. Keep reading below to find out ways to manage a daycare facility and guarantee its excellent condition for the children and employees within the premises.

Make a Habit of Washing Hands and Toys Often

It’s essential to teach the kids and personnel to wash their hands more often than forgetting to do them at all. When watching over a daycare, you should position a bin containing toys and various items that the kids have previously touched next to a sink. That way, you can prevent germs from spreading and infections from appearing. 

Provide Hands-Free Equipment and Devices

When you utilize hands-free technology for your bins, sanitizer dispensers, and faucets, you promote a clean and bacteria-ridden environment at the daycare. Not only are you giving the children an easier time using the equipment on the property, but you’re also reducing the chances of unintentionally spreading the germs and getting the kids sick!

Practice Following a Proper Cleansing Method

Daycare facilities need to promote the importance of correctly cleaning the toys, materials, rooms, and other areas children and employees use every day. Before storing away the items, you should learn to sanitize them using a formula safe for children since they tend to put things in their mouths even if you shouldn’t! The last thing to do is disinfecting the surfaces and chairs and putting away towels and dishes in their rightful places.

Take Care of Spills and Stains Right Away

It’s normal to witness spills and stains, especially when you’re dealing with kids that tend to make a mess whenever they eat and play. 

Every time an accident happens, it’s best to clean it up right away and prevent it from sitting too long and turning into a stain. Maintaining a well-sanitized environment prevents potential accidents from happening one after the other.

Learn to Manage High-Traffic Areas Daily

It isn’t enough to clean the daycare whenever it starts to become dirty, especially if you’re accepting kids and holding sessions every day. It’s best to maintain the cleanliness of the classrooms, bathrooms, play areas, dining rooms, and receiving areas at least twice a day, during the morning and evening.

Run the Vacuum Over the Areas Every Day

Besides wiping down surfaces, cleaning toys, and washing dishes, it’s also vital to run a vacuum over the floor thoroughly. You can find all sorts of grime on the ground—dirt, food particles, and remnants of art materials that kids tend to leave lying around every day.


You should always regard the cleanliness and upkeep of your daycare to prevent the kids from getting sick, putting everyone’s health at risk, and eventually you losing customers. By keeping track of the tips stated above, you are already one step closer to having a germ-free daycare facility. Besides supervising your daycare’s cleanliness, it’s vital to rely on a professional cleaning company to take over the job of sanitizing your property.

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