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It’s Better to Be More Than Just Superficially Clean

A commercial cleaning employee sanitizes a desk for a healthy workspace.

Why Healthy Spaces are Just Better for Business!

Cleanliness is more than just appearing clean. Sure, it’s nice to have your business look good to visitors, clients, and customers, but true cleanliness goes far beyond just a superficial clean.

Why It’s Better to Make Your Space Healthy

Smudge-free windows are great, but common cold-free workspaces are even better. Just because a space appears to be clean, doesn’t mean it’s healthy! A healthy, truly clean space requires cleaning, proper organization, and most importantly, disinfected and sanitized. When a workspace is properly cleaned, disinfected, and upkept, the benefits literally pay off!

So why is a healthy space better? 

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of cleaning well beyond what they eye can see. Proper sanitation and disinfection in the workplace cultivate a clean and healthy work environment that goes beyond just minimizing the spread of illness. Let’s dive into the benefits of a healthy, sanitized space:

1 | Higher Productivity

The less illness being spread amongst your employees means less sick days and higher levels of productivity. When employees are healthy and well, they come to work ready to get down to business.

2 | It Builds Trust

Healthy spaces for visitors, clients, and patients helps build trust between them and your business. Customer trust is the first foundation block to building customer loyalty and are more likely to refer your business and market your services through reliable word-of-mouth marketing. Visitors are much more willing to go to places that don’t just appear clean, but are truly clean and remember a business that is not.

3 | Employees Take Pride

Clean and healthy workspaces are something that employees can take pride in. They are more likely to to find pleasure in coming into work each day when they know that their health and wellness is prioritized and taken seriously. 

4 | Higher Profits

Finally, increased levels in productivity, increased customer trust/loyalty, and improved employee pride/moral translates to higher profits for your business. This means that cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your spaces literally pays off!

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaner

You can ask your employees to clean the business each day or you could hire your own janitorial staff. But all of that takes a lot of money. It takes money to pay your own staff, buy cleaning solutions and tools, train employees with proper techniques, and maintain those tools. That could really eat into your profits. By hiring a commercial cleaner, they can take your business to the next level at a much more affordable price. That is because you won’t have to pay in-house staff and a commercial cleaner takes care of training employees and maintaining equipment. Plus, you can have your commercial cleaning agency team come in at a time that is convenient for you! 

If you want to meet your new year goals of a cleaner, healthier workplace, AK Building Services is ready to help you! We have been helping Southern Florida Businesses shine for over 25 years! Our family owned and operated commercial cleaning agency understands how important trust, cleanliness, and health are. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we can help your business be more than just superficially clean! 

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