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Keep Your Accounting Office Clean and Healthy

5 Tips to Ensure Your CPA Office Shines During Tax Season

Tax season is upon us and your employees are probably putting in some long days to help everyone close out the books for the new year. 

These long hours can lead to a disheveled office and less than clean space as regular cleaning may get put on the back burner. But this is exactly the wrong time for chaos and an unclean office space. 

When your clients come in for their accounting needs, they want to see a clean and organized space. How your office looks can reflect on your business practices. A dirty and cluttered space can leave clients wondering if they can trust your CPA firm to not miss the details in their tax filing. 

Beyond that, unclean spaces can feel unhealthy too. People are aware now more than ever just how important it is to have healthy public spaces. The standard on healthy spaces has been raised since the pandemic and it is now a necessity for all businesses to have sanitized and healthy spaces. 

So let’s clean up your CPA firm for the tax season! Here are some tips to keep your accounting office clean and healthy every day of the week–even during tax season!

1 | Sanitize Hotspots Throughout the Day

Hotspots are areas in your office that are touched the most often. Think about door handles, faucet knobs, the lobby welcome desk, and the coffee pot handle. Because these areas are touched more often, they can be a hotbed for bacteria and viruses. To keep your spaces healthy, it’s important that you regularly sanitize these areas of your office. 

2 | Declutter and Archive

Getting rid of clutter not only helps your accounting firm put its best foot forward with clients, but it can actually help you clean better! When you don’t have things lying all over your desks and other surfaces, you can dust and wipe down those areas more effectively. Some ideas to help you declutter your space include:

  • Ensuring a proper number of trash and recycling receptacles are out
  • Archiving finished paperwork
  • Going paperless or digital
  • Putting less used tools and items into a storage cabinet or drawer

3 | Keep the Floor Clean

Floors that are well cared for are important for an accounting office to both look and feel clean and healthy. This means regular cleaning such as vacuuming and mopping, but also scheduling deep cleaning sessions, such as carpet deep cleaning or hardfloor waxing. Other ways to keep your floors clean include having rugs at the front door to keep dirt, water, and grime from being tread throughout the office. On days with bad weather, be sure to put out additional rugs to trap water or snow. 

4 | Don’t Forget the Nooks and Crannies

Every office has some hard-to-reach places or less thought of nooks and crannies. For a truly clean and healthy space, you need to clean those hard-to-reach and often-forgot spaces. Nothing would be more embarrassing than for a client to discover dirty and dusty floorboards in a corner of your office!

5 | Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

If keeping your CPA firm clean internally seems overwhelming, or what you are doing currently just isn’t enough, it’s time to hire a commercial cleaning service! Commercial cleaning companies are well-versed and trained in the proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques to ensure truly clean and healthy spaces for everyone. 

At AK Building Services, we are happy to do the dirty work for you while you get back to worrying about those financial documents of your clients! We offer fully customizable services and have an extensive portfolio and offerings. We offer day porter services, full and regular office cleaning at a time that works for you, and emergency services. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your CPA or accounting office shine. 

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