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Keep Your Offices Clean and Green with These Useful Tips

It was in the 1980s when the term sustainability was used more often to identify how humans could live on earth without detrimentally affecting the resources of future generations. Interestingly, companies have now adopted sustainability into their corporate culture over the last decade by reviewing processes that can be overhauled or removed to be more sustainable and profitable at the same time. 

Some of these include adjusting their supply chain processes, offering remote working schedules to lessen carbon footprints, and even automating machines to power down at a certain time to conserve electric power. However, did you know that your company can also go green by reevaluating your cleaning practices?

Commercial cleaning products are made from chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and chlorine. These are elements that affect people by triggering various illnesses such as asthma, cancer, and even birth defects. And while these chemicals are washed down the drain and processed in water treatment facilities, not all harmful chemicals are treated. They are then washed into rivers and lakes, poisoning surrounding wildlife and their habitats.

So how can your business become clean and green when sourcing for their cleaning products? These useful tips will show you how!

Check Product Labels for Environment-Friendly Chemicals

If you clean your offices yourself, make it a point to purchase environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals before chucking out the common cleaning solutions you have. Green cleaning products usually have a label on their packaging that states its manufacturer follows certain sustainability standards. 

However, do not take this at face value! Some companies become “sustainable” just by donating to environmental causes or using biodegradable packaging without changing their ingredients. To know if a cleaning product is truly green, make sure it contains one or more of these environment-friendly chemicals:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Tea tree oil
  • Castile soap

Find Out What You’re Currently Cleaning With

As mentioned earlier, list down what cleaning solutions you currently have so you can replace them with sustainable variants. This also educates you on what to avoid in future purchases. Knowing what you’re currently cleaning with also helps you research proper disposal, so you don’t continue contaminating human and animal habitats.

If your office is in a condominium unit and is dependent on the building’s services, find out from their administration what kind of cleaning services for condos they employ. That information could potentially alert the staff that they need to transition to more eco-friendly cleaning products as well.

Hire Services That Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

But if your company doesn’t do its own cleaning and relies on commercial cleaning services, look for providers that use eco-friendly cleaning products and services and hire them. Not only does this take out the headache of doing the research on your own and buying the new chemicals, but it saves you time and effort as you’re hiring them to do that for you. Be sure to still apply the first and second tips, so your company does not cut any corners and truly promotes sustainable cleaning in its culture.

In all these steps, make sure that your employees and management are all on board. Even with commercial cleaning services that use eco-friendly chemicals, your co-workers or staff may still end up bringing their own chemicals to clean their desks or cubicles. Align with them so they’re aware of these concerns and can make a positive change towards green cleaning.

In conclusion

Being a sustainable company doesn’t just mean saving electricity costs, reusing paper for notes, or redefining your supply chain to remove harmful practices. It also means using safe cleaning products and eco-friendly cleaning services.

If you’re ready to take that next sustainable step with green cleaning products, set an appointment with us! We’re a cleaning company in South Florida that provides eco-friendly cleaning services so that your business continues to protect the environment for future generations to come!

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