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Planning Your Holiday Parties with “Clean” in Mind

4 Tips for Hosting a Successful Holiday Office Party that Focuses on Keeping things Clean and Healthy for Everyone

The holiday season is full of laughter, fun, and parties. But with good food and torn gift wrap comes the inevitable mess caused by office holiday parties. So how can businesses plan for holiday get-togethers that are entertaining but also keep “clean” in mind? 

Here are our tips for how to have fun at your holiday parties but still keep cleanliness front and center.

Hire Extra Help

Hire a professional cleaning service to handle the prep and cleanup. This leaves you free to make sure the party is a hit without the stress of cleaning up the mess. The best part is that a professional cleaning team has the expertise to help get your office back in shape so your employees can hit the ground running when they show up at the office to work after the festivities. 

Preparation is Key

Before the party, speak with your commercial cleaning service so you are on the same page. Not only can you go over what may need to be cleaned up post-party, but you can also learn what you might need to do in preparation to help keep things more clean during the party. Your commercial cleaning experts may have recommendations, such as placing more trash and recycling bins in the party areas, having a spill kit on hand, and other things that you might not have thought about. 

Keep Public Health in Mind

The past couple of years have reminded us all just how important public health is. Even though we don’t send an invitation to germs, they have a habit of party crashing. Holiday parties often happen during the height of cold and flu season. So when you gather all the departments for a holiday party, make sure to keep your employees’ health in mind, because no one wants to be sick over the holidays! Be sure that you have hand sanitizer on hand for people to use before hitting up the buffet line. Health also means safety. Remember that spill kit we mentioned just a moment ago? Spills can cause people to slip and fall. So not only should you have a spill kit on hand, but make sure that several people in charge know where it is so spills can be cleaned up quickly before someone gets hurt. 

Post-Party Clean Up

Once everyone has left the party, your professional clean up team will come in to take care of tidying up the office and sanitizing things. They will wipe down surfaces, clean up spills that may have been missed, pick up trash that didn’t make it into the bin, clean your floors, and disinfect bathrooms. Your commercial cleaning team will make sure everything is clean and ready for the next work day. 

Need a professional cleaning team for your business? AK Building Services is here for your everyday needs and your special events! Contact us today to learn more about our customizable services that help keep your workplace clean and healthy for everyone. 

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