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Properly Cleaning Your Office Chairs without Damaging Them

Statistics show that we spend approximately 33 years of our lives in bed. As such, we often do our best to keep our beds as clean and cozy as possible. We frequently change our sheets and deep clean our mattresses to prevent bed bugs and dust mites.

However, we often overlook the furniture that supports us day-in-and-day-out at work—the office chair. Like our beds, we spend a substantial chunk of our lives sitting in desk chairs in the workplace. These are some of the most-used items in our offices, but when was the last time you actually cleaned them? 

Office chairs tend to fade into the background and are often neglected during cleaning sessions despite receiving some of the heaviest usages in the workplace. 

As a commercial cleaning company, we specialize in cleaning your office effectively, which includes cleaning your office seating. In this article, we will guide you through deep cleaning your office chairs.

Consider the Material of the Chair

As office chairs come in a wide range of designs and styles, there is no one way to clean them. It is best to consider the materials they are made of and to clean each element according to how the material should be deep cleaned.

  • Plastic Chairs

These chairs are one of the easiest to clean as you can simply spray some antibacterial cleaner on them and wipe them off with a warm, damp cloth. Avoid heavy-duty chemical sprays or scouring products on these chairs to avoid damaging the surfaces.

  • Mesh Chairs

These chairs may seem a bit more difficult to clean, but they are pretty straightforward. You will have to vacuum the dust and debris from the chair with a handheld vacuum or a hoover nozzle. You can then gently wash the mesh element with a slightly damp cloth dipped in warm soapy water.

  • Fabric Chairs

Cleaning these chairs may vary depending on the type of fabric you are working with. Check your chairs or their paperwork for labels indicating their best cleaning method. Here are some common symbols that can guide you:

  • W – use water-based cleaning products
  • S – use a solvent product such as dry-cleaning solvent. Make sure the product you use is water-free
  • WS or SW – both dry-cleaning products and water-based options can be used
  • X – professional cleaning only
  • C – Crypton cleaning, meaning you can use enzyme detergents or Crypton upholstery cleaners

If you are not sure of the fabric type you are working with, here are some general tips you can follow in cleaning your office chair:

1. Vacuum any dirt or debris using a handheld hoover or vacuum nozzle. Make sure not to miss the tricky cracks and corners.

2. Spot test new products before applying them to the entire chair to ensure safe use.

3. Never tip or pour cleaning solutions onto fabric surfaces. Use a cloth to apply liquids or sprinkle solid products according to the product’s instructions.


As we spend a substantial chunk of our lives on office chairs, they should also be clean. To prevent damages to these chairs, it is important to consider the materials they are made of before using any type of cleaning product. 

If you find it too time-consuming or confusing to regularly deep clean your office chairs by yourself, it is best to seek the help of professionals. You can call your local provider of commercial cleaning services to get the job done for you.

Are you in need of office cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale? We at AK Building Services offer a comprehensive portfolio of office cleaning services to ensure that your office is a hospitable and productive environment for employees and tenants. Head on to our website to get a free quote today!

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