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Psychology of Clean

Devil Busting Level of Clean

Psychology of Cleanliness: What does it do for your company?

Wondering how cleanliness affects your bottom line? Sure, having a clean space can be a nice luxury for some, or feel like a basic standard service you might do for your business, but an asset? Many businesses don’t necessarily attribute cleaning to their success…but they should!  

Here are a few ways cleanliness sends psychological signals:

Sell Yourself in an Instant

Research showed that the first “taste” of a food is actually done with the eyes; the appearance of the food is one of the first purchase considerations. If so much happens with just a quick glance, consider what people are seeing when they come into your space. Are you selling yourself short with a subpar space? Or, are you wowing your customers and clients in an instant with a clean space that helps you look polished, put-together, and confident?

Devil in the Details

Some people may notice that you haven’t done a deep clean of your office in a while, but trust us, many people will. They DO notice when something is off and when they can see that a spot on your front desk has been building up dust for months. You may forget that tiny spot, but one quick glance tells your customers that you don’t pay attention to details. So, who cares? Does that subconscious signal mean that much? Well, if you’re a doctor, for example, and precision counts because someone’s life is on the line, it should matter. If you are being trusted with any level of care for your customer, patient, or client, you should care about the details. 


It’s no secret that a tidy space is a productive space. Think about the last time you misplaced your keys. (For some of us, this happens daily!) But seriously…how much time did you waste searching around your house looking for that item. Now, let’s multiply that by how many employees you have in your office. If your space is cluttered, dirty, and distracting, you probably are wasting valuable resources and money on an unproductive team. Might as well throw those dollar bills out into the wind!


Clean spaces not only showcase your company as one that has your s$@% together, but they also help you personally walk with confidence too. When your space is clean, fresh, and organized, it’s easy to do what you need to do each day. You can focus on YOUR expertise, and not stress about the state of your physical space. You can interact and touch the surfaces in your space with confidence that they are clean and sanitary and that you aren’t breathing in the fumes from toxic cleaners. It’s simply one less stressor to knock your confidence in the day. So, now you can go roll with the punches your day brings! 

Ultimately a clean space helps you focus on what you do best…whatever that may be. You can walk in each day, knowing that your company can rock it. And, your customers and clients can walk in each day, knowing that your company can take care of their needs. No questions asked. So, is cleaning JUST a service that helps you maintain your space? Sure. Commercial cleaning can be just that, BUT it can also be a huge asset to your business that you never even considered before!

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