Residential vs Commercial Cleaning_ Are They Different?

Many commercial building owners settle with residential cleaning services because they are more affordable. They think they save more on expenses, not knowing it is not a smart move. Residential and commercial cleaning are two different types of services. One cannot replace the other.

In case you want to know their difference, here are the essential points you need to know.

Residential Cleaning vs. Commercial Cleaning

The Logistics

Residential cleaning often involves smaller properties and the occasional large house. As such, the job can be done alone or with a team of two, but never more than two or three people. It’s a fairly quick process.

With residential cleaning, you don’t need a huge truck, and you don’t need to buy special equipment to get it done. Cleaning products are selected for their ability to be used quickly and don’t require much time. The supplies you need to clean your home are a fraction of what you need to clean office space.

Commercial cleaning is different. It takes time to clean a commercial space and the time it takes is directly proportional to the size of the space. To get a commercial space done in the same amount of time it takes to do a residential space, you need to hire extra people and use more supplies. Extra time to clean and protect the floors are required to maintain their quality.

Cleaning Products Used

Residential cleaning products are designed to be used quickly and effectively. They are designed to clean on a budget and not to require a lot of labor. However, they’re only efficient when it comes to small residential areas.

Commercial cleaning products require more time to apply and remove. Because of this, they are designed to be more effective, durable, and last longer. Because of the extra labor hours required to apply them, commercial cleaning products are also designed to be more cost-effective than residential products.

Residential cleaning products are also more eco-friendly and healthier for the environment. Using a more eco-friendly product has a snowball effect. It will cause you to use less product because it’s more effective, keeping you from wasting product. Because it’s safer for the environment, it’s safer for the people you hire to work with it, ultimately saving them and the residents from getting sick.

Cleaning Equipment

Residential cleaning companies typically use an all-in-one vacuum cleaner and broom. The vacuum cleaner is typically used to clean the floor, furniture, and blinds. They can also use brooms, dusters, and other manually operated equipment. Usually, that is all they need to do residential cleaning because they don’t need to spend much time cleaning a single home.

Commercial cleaning is all about using the right equipment. Specially designed cleaning tools are required to get the job done. For example, to get the job done in an office, you need a machine that will adequately clean the floor and clean window blinds. That requires a specific device, the proper cleaning solution, and training to operate it.

Cleaning Training

Residential cleaning companies typically don’t do any special training. They hire people who are already cleaning homes and have them do the job. They just add one more home to their cleaning route.

Commercial cleaning companies typically hire specialized cleaning technicians who have undergone specific training to clean a commercial space properly. The training is often done at the company headquarters and takes several months. Hiring a cleaner from your residential cleaning company doesn’t make them a commercial cleaner.


Residential cleaning is not commercial cleaning. The training required, the equipment needed, the cleaning chemicals needed, and the time required are different. Therefore, attempting to hire residential cleaning companies to perform commercial cleaning could be a waste of money and time.

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