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The Power of Communication for Public Health

How Transparency and Communication of Your Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures Builds Trust and Confidence

There’s a big difference between your space appearing clean and visitors feeling confident about their health and safety as they use your space. With a greater public awareness on the importance of health and cleanliness, people want to know now more than ever that their health is a priority to the businesses and organizations they visit. Being able to instill this confidence in those that come to and use your space requires being able to communicate your sanitizing and cleaning protocols well.

Why Transparency is Important

Good communication of your cleaning and sanitizing protocols means transparency to your visitors. This transparency is what will build confidence and trust in your business or organization. Trust is extremely important because many people are making choices about where they eat, shop, stay, do business with and even learn based on how much they trust that an organization has their health and safety at heart. While you can’t control a pandemic or cold and flu season, you can control the cleaning measures and other health and safety policies that go on in your spaces and how well you communicate these to visitors to reassure them. 

A Few Good Communication Ideas

The key to making your cleaning and sanitization policies transparent is to communicate those standards and policies as often as possible and in as many formats as possible. Some ideas to share your policies and procedures around cleaning, health and safety include:

  • Displaying signs with sanitization and cleaning procedures and policies in your store 
  • Having brochures at your lobby desk with your health policies and cleaning and sanitizing procedures
  • Writing a blog on your cleaning and safety procedures, then sending out an email blast promoting this blog
  • Displaying your policies and procedures on your website
  • Sharing your policies and procedures on your social media channels

Understand Your Cleaning Protocols and Procedures Even if You Hire an Outside Cleaning Company

If you hire a commercial cleaning company to take care of your daily, weekly and monthly needs, it’s still important to understand what your cleaning protocols are so that you can answer any questions your visitors may have. Schedule a phone call or meeting with your commercial cleaning company so they can walk you through what they do to keep your spaces clean and healthy and give you answers to questions your visitors might have. 

Great Communication is Powerful

Communication is good, but great communication is powerful. Remember, being proactive and clear about your protocols builds confidence. The more open you are and the more often you share your sanitizing and cleaning procedures, the more people will trust you to feel safe while using your spaces, so don’t be afraid to share your disinfecting and cleaning procedures often!

We’ve Got Your Back!

We know that cleanliness and health are top of mind for everyone right now. AK Building Services has over 25 years of experience and a comprehensive portfolio of janitorial and maintenance services for office buildings, medical facilities, condominiums, schools and a wide range of other organizations. We know what it takes to keep your visitors safe and healthy, giving you peace of mind! We are also more than happy to sit down with you and explain everything we do to disinfect and clean your spaces, so that you can reassure your visitors and build confidence and trust with them. 

If you are ready for a commercial cleaning leader to have your back, or just need to schedule a meeting to understand better what we already do for you, contact us today

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