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The State of Public Health

What Business Owners Need to Know About Commercial Cleaning for the Public Space

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, standards of cleanliness have changed for many. It is no longer about appearing to have clean spaces, but actually disinfecting areas and making them safe and healthy for everyone. While vaccines have decreased the threat of serious illness for most, many in the public sphere are wondering when the next big pandemic will hit, keeping the need for healthy spaces at the forefront of their mind.

For many businesses, keeping your spaces clean and healthy for all is a bigger job than ever; that is where commercial cleaning can help. Here is what business owners need to know about commercial cleaning and how it can help improve the state of public health.

1 | How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Your Business

Let’s start with what many business owners are probably concerned with, in addition to health and safety, and that is your bottom line and how you can benefit from a partnership with a commercial cleaning company. 

Commercial cleaning agencies have all the tools and know-how to get the job done right. Their employees are trained in the latest techniques that keep spaces clean and disinfected. The agency also stocks up on the proper cleaning solutions and keeps its equipment well maintained, ensuring that their equipment works properly.

Because they have all those tools and knowledge, it means that your spaces are truly clean and healthy for everyone. It is also much more cost effective to hire a cleaning agency than to pay for in-house cleaning staff. 

2 | Employees and Visitors Expect More

We touched on the topic of changing standards in cleanliness since the pandemic, and how that change has led to an increased focus on truly clean and healthy spaces. Gone are the days when all you had to worry about was mopping up dirt tracked in on a rainy day or dusting the surfaces visitors encounter. Rather, today’s employees and visitors expect the public spaces they encounter to be disinfected and healthy.

3 | What Happens if You Don’t Meet the Higher Standards

If you don’t meet these high standards, your employees or students will lose productivity and take more sick days. You could even end up with high turnover rates. As for visitors, you could see a decrease in customers or clients and your profits. In other words, keeping spaces clean and healthy for everyone is directly tied to your bottom line. 

4 | Not All Commercial Cleaning Companies are the Same

Commercial cleaning companies vary widely in the services they offer. Not all companies have a comprehensive portfolio of services that include Hazcom certification and other medical standards of cleaning. Some do not offer green cleaning services that are LEED certified. Another service that some cleaning agencies don’t offer is 24/7 support and emergency cleanup. So it is important to do your research on the commercial cleaning companies that you are considering. Ask yourself, do they meet your current and possible future needs? Can they help you in an emergency? Do they have the latest technology? Can they clean to medical standards? 

Are you in south Florida and searching for a commercial cleaning agency that does it all? AK Building Services is proud to offer cleaning services that bring 360 degrees of clean to your organization. We take pride in bringing you reliable service that meets some of the strictest health and safety standards. To learn more about our customizable cleaning services, contact us today

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