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These Places Are the Dirtiest Spaces in Your Office

An office is a shared space. Even if we have our private stall and personal things, you cannot avoid sharing spaces and items among you and your officemates. It may not be a big deal, especially since you have janitorial services cleaning up regularly.

However, you would be surprised to know that there are many spaces in the office that are very dirty and disgusting. These spaces can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and whenever you have to use them, you will need to sanitize them. So, what exactly are these spaces? Read on to learn more.

1. Door Knobs and Handles

It is easy to forget that doorknobs and handles are one of the dirtiest spaces in the office. You see, doorknobs and handles are used repeatedly by everyone. They are used not only by people but also by objects like their keys, bags, and others.

The most disgusting part is that it is not easy to clean them as there are many crevices and corners. It may also be difficult to notice that it is already dirty and contaminated, so you will have to sanitize it with disinfectant or sanitizer.

2. Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most problematic areas in the office. Many toilet bowls, sinks, and other parts in the toilet are tough to clean. It is hard to clean, but it is also hard to sanitize it as many parts could be challenging to reach.

Besides, bathroom surfaces are continuously exposed to different materials and fluids like urine, feces, and blood. You may not notice it all the time because you are in a hurry, but you don’t know how long it takes to grow bacteria that can affect your health.

3. Conference Room and Conference Table

Many people often use these areas since they are used for meetings with clients or officemates. These areas are also utilized during lunch or coffee breaks, so the tables could be contaminated with various fluids or food materials.

You might even sometimes see dirt or stains on the table. It is not hard to clean it, but the main problem is that you don’t know when a table is already contaminated. Just like what we have mentioned before, bacteria can multiply, so you must sanitize these areas if you are sensitive to bacteria.

4. Light Switches

The light switches are used by many people every day. They are contaminated with hands as well as dirt and germs. You won’t know that it has become too dirty until you see its condition.

This is a crucial problem in many offices as it can be very easy to notice that something is wrong with the light switch. To prevent its growth, you will have to clean it frequently or sanitize it with disinfectant or sanitizer.

5. Keyboard

Another shockingly dirty and germ-ridden space is the keyboard. To prevent illness caused by the bacteria on the keyboard, you must sanitize it. You will have to throw the keyboard away and buy a new one when you do so.

That is because most keyboards have tiny holes and cracks that are difficult for you to clean. These are the places where bacteria can multiply, and once it is already on the keyboard, it is almost impossible to remove all of it.


The next time you want to sanitize your office, you must clean your office’s dirtiest surfaces. This will help you prevent the growth of bacteria and prevent disease transmission. Make sure always to sanitize these areas if you can, and you must also sanitize your own hands to stay safe throughout.

If you need commercial cleaning services in the South Florida area, AK Building services will be glad to help. We offer janitorial and maintenance services, ensuring that everyone is healthy and safe in your space. Contact us to get started.

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