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Time for a Cleaning Reset? What to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Service

Are you looking around your business and wondering if it could look cleaner or be healthier? A lot of people use the new year as a cleaning reset, taking advantage of the time to freshen up their spaces. However, it’s key to keep your spaces clean and healthy year-round, not just in the new year. Doing it on your own can be expensive and time consuming. That is where professional commercial cleaning services come in. 

Commercial cleaning services have the equipment and the training to keep your spaces clean and healthy for everyone. However, it isn’t just about your spaces looking clean.

Why Clean Spaces are Key to the Success of Your Business

We all know that customers and visitors hate stepping into spaces that don’t look clean. We’ve all been somewhere at least once that sets our cringe meter alarm off and we aren’t likely to continue doing business there. A clean appearance can affect your bottom line, but did you know that how healthy your space is can also affect your profits? 

This past year and a half has really put a fine point on the need for healthy spaces. Visitors and customers want to feel safe when visiting your buildings. If they don’t feel safe, they’ll take their business elsewhere. 

Beyond that, how healthy your space is can also affect your employees. When work areas aren’t properly and routinely sanitized and disinfected, germs can spread like wildfire around your office. This can lead to lower productivity and missed work days, which can affect your bottom line. Healthy employees are happy employees who are excited to get to work each day. 

So a clean appearance really just isn’t enough. In order to have a clean and healthy place for everyone, proper disinfection must routinely happen in all of your spaces. This will help your visitors feel safe and keep your employees healthy and happy. 

What to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Service

Putting the cleanliness of your business in someone else’s hands can be hard, especially when it’s not just for appearances, but for the health and safety of your employees and visitors. It also frees you up to run the day-to-day that’s important for your business, so it’s crucial to hire the right professional commercial cleaning service. You’ll need to do a little research, so here’s our checklist of what to look for in a good commercial cleaning service.

  • Look at the value: We know cost is something any business takes into account but sometimes it’s better to focus on the value of the service, rather than just the cost. Create a checklist of what your cleaning needs are and check it against what the company offers. Comparing this can help you look past the price tag and focus more on the value. Be sure to steer clear of companies that seem too good to be true, like low fees for all-in-one services. 
  • Recommendations: Get recommendations from those you trust. A fellow business owner may have referrals. And when contacting a company, don’t be afraid to ask for references. 
  • Licensing, Certifications and Liability Insurance: Check for a company’s licensing and if they have any certifications. For example, if green cleaning is important to you, then check to see if the company is LEED certified. Also see if they have liability insurance that protects from on-the-job accidents. This insurance can be a test of legitimacy as well.

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