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Truly Spotless_ Some Helpful Tips for Dental Office Cleaning

If you are the manager or owner of a dental office, you know that proper cleaning is essential for protecting your patients and your staff. Not only does a clean office look and smell better, but it is also safer.

That said, in this article, we will provide you with some helpful tips for cleaning your dental office.

1. Consider and Follow the Industry Guidelines

As a dentist, you should make protecting your patients your top priority. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) both have guidelines for how dental practices should disinfect their facilities. It is important that everyone who handles and disinfects dental tools in the office understands and follows these guidelines. Posting these guidelines in a visible location will help ensure this.

2. Maintain Your Waiting Area

Your waiting area should be a clean and welcoming space for your clients. Make sure to vacuum carpets, dust surfaces, and wipe down tables and toys regularly. It’s also important to keep the reception area clean and tidy. This will give a good impression to both new and returning patients.

3. Disinfect All Your Clinical Contact Surfaces

Any surfaces that are regularly touched can be considered clinical contact surfaces. This includes surfaces that may not come into direct contact with patients or bodily fluids but can become contaminated over time. Common examples of clinical contact surfaces include drawer handles, light switches, and faucets. If these surfaces are not cleaned regularly, they can harbor harmful bacteria. This means that every surface can be made clean and new for every patient that comes in, preventing the spread of germs and illness.

Although it is important to have regular cleanings, it is also essential to disinfect daily. Use an EPA-registered disinfectant to cleanse these surfaces. In addition, you should clean dental chairs and dental chair accessories with CaviWipes or a similar disinfectant after each patient.

4. Schedule and Prioritize Dusting Your Dental Office

We all know that dusting is not the most thrilling task, but keeping your office looking great is worth it. Your patients will appreciate being in a clean and dust-free environment. So be sure to keep on top of the dusting, especially in those high-up places!

5. Keep Your Bathroom Spotless

The bathroom should be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure that it is always clean. This is important because a dirty bathroom gives a bad impression to patients and makes them think that the practice is not clean overall.

6. Pick the Right Dental Chair Accessories

To make sure your dental office is as clean as possible, it’s important to choose products and accessories that are easy to clean and won’t harbor bacteria. Non-porous surfaces are much easier to clean than porous ones, so look for dental chairs and chair accessories made from materials like metal or glass.

You should also ensure that any products you choose have been specifically designed for use in dental offices; this will ensure that they can stand up to the regular cleaning required in these environments.

7. Be Aware of Cross-Contamination

Whenever you finish working with a patient, clean up the area you were tending to them. This will help prevent the spread of germs and dirt and make it easier to keep the area clean. Be organized in your work, and make sure to put away all patient files and documents properly. Having a lot of paper around will make the area look messier and less professional, and it can also trap dust, allergens, and dirt.


Indeed, It is evident that proper dental office cleaning is crucial for the safety of both patients and staff. By following the tips provided in this article, dental offices can ensure that their facility is truly spotless, inside and out.

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