Urgent Care Cleaning

Specialized and Unique Medical Cleaning Needs that are Now More Important than Ever

Keeping your urgent care facility clean has never been more important. The very nature of your business means that your clinic is seeing heavy foot traffic, and sick patients makes cleaning even more complex. Now more than ever, your center will require a consistent approach to maintain a healthy environment for your employees and your patients. 

Why Urgent Care Facility Cleaning Needs Differ from Other Medical Settings

Because of the high volume of ill patients that you see, urgent care cleaning protocols differ from other medical settings. The faced paced nature of urgent care facilities makes them appealing to patients suffering from the cold or flu, meaning your clinic could be at risk of spreading infections. And now with many urgent care facilities offering testing for COVID-19, that risk is all the more acute. 

Frequency of Cleaning

Consistent and thorough cleaning is key to limiting the spread of germs brought in by sick patients. This cleaning should happen on a daily, weekly or quarterly basis. For example, door handles, the check-in counter and medical equipment should be cleaned throughout the day, sometimes between each patient. Other tasks such as cleaning supply closet shelves can be handled on a quarterly basis. 

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Every urgent care clinic is different and the amount of patients you see, and even the type of patients, should dictate your cleaning schedule. Be sure to find a cleaning company that listens to your exact requirements and needs. The commercial cleaning company should create a customized cleaning program specifically for your facility. This cleaning company should also be prepared for and available for emergency cleanups in a medical setting. 

Things to Consider When Creating a Custom Cleaning Program

Here are a few things you consider when figuring out your clinic’s specific needs when it comes to creating a cleaning program or schedule.

  • Patient Traffic: understand how many patients you see and what types of issues they are coming in for.
  • Hot Spots: Make a list of all the high-touch spots in your facility, such as doors and the  check-in counter, that will require disinfecting throughout the day.
  • Medical Setting: When looking for a commercial cleaning company to hire, make sure that you choose a company that is trained in medical cleaning, including being certified in bloodborne pathogen safety. 
  • Floors: Even your floor cleaning will need the appropriate disinfectant solution.
  • Bathrooms: Make note if your bathrooms will require more than one cleaning a day.
  • Who is Cleaning: Discuss with your cleaning company if terminal cleanings will be handled by clinic staff or the janitorial provider. After deciding who does what and when, be sure that your clinic staff is properly trained to clean surfaces to ensure a healthy clinic. 
  • Emergencies: Discuss how the cleaning company will handle emergency clean-ups.
  • COVID-19: If your clinic is testing for the Coronavirus or you suspect that you might see patients sick with the virus, make note of this. Your clinic will require increased cleaning between patients and good communication between you and your commercial cleaning company. Discuss at length with your commercial cleaning company how to handle your cleaning needs. 
  • Other Needs: Consider other cleaning needs your clinic may need, such as partition glass and window cleaning or carpet cleaning, and whether the cleaning company you are considering can handle these services as well.

A Leader in Medical Cleaning Services

We understand that medical facilities, and in particular urgent care clinics, require unique and rigorous cleaning. At AK Building Services, we use the most advanced, scientifically validated cleaning methods and equipment to ensure that your facility is sanitized and clean. We tailor your cleaning services to your needs and can handle everything from window washing to cleaning patient exam rooms and even have a prepared response to COVID-19. We are ProBloodBorne and Hazcom certified as well as HIPPA and OSHA compliant. 
If you are ready to discuss your urgent care clinic’s cleaning needs, contact us today!

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