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What Commercial Deep Cleaning Covers and Why it’s Necessary

What Commercial Deep Cleaning Covers and Why it’s Necessary

Most offices are frantic, fast-paced settings where everything must be finished swiftly and precisely. A typical day at the office includes people arriving late, back-to-back meetings, multiple appointments with different people, spilled coffee on the carpet, the sound of a microwave freezing someone’s lunch, and a slew of other things that represent vitality and life. In the thick of their rush and to-do lists, many businesses overlook the need for an office deep clean. Many workplaces have cleaning services that come in at the end of the day after everyone has gone home to do basic sweeping of the floor, garbage disposal, and the occasional wiping of the top of your desk, but this isn’t always enough.

Why is a Commercial Deep Clean Important?

Deep cleaning, or a deep clean, is different from routine cleaning. This type of cleaning is done thoroughly and goes beyond the basics. A deep clean is done all around the office, not just on the surface. This means not just mopping the floor but also cleaning out the pipes, vacuuming out the vents, and taking the time to scrub the bathrooms and other areas that aren’t part of the janitorial services’ regular routine. A deep clean is more thorough and removes more of the bacteria, germs, and any other harmful items that may be hiding in your office.

The benefits of deep cleaning are numerous. First, it will remove any dust, germs, and bacteria that may be hiding in your office. Not only will it clean out your desk drawers and cabinets, but it will also clean out the air vents and other areas that are harder to access. It will remove the offensive odors you feel when you come into work in the morning, and it will also remove any stains or dirt you may have missed while cleaning. Not only will you feel cleaner, but your stress levels will be lowered, and you will become more alert and engaged than ever before.

What’s Included in a Commercial Office Deep Clean?

A deep clean of an office is more thorough and time-consuming than routine cleaning services. The service frequently includes time-consuming and extensive cleaning operations that are rarely included in regular cleanings, such as:

  • Extensive cleaning of light fixtures and switches, as well as doorknobs.
  • Vacuum the carpet thoroughly with a HEPA-filter vacuum.
  • Blinds, windowsills, and curtains should all be swept and cleaned.
  • Cleaning the interior and outside of the refrigerator and other appliances.
  • With caution, sanitize the toilets and other bathroom surfaces.
  • Dusted baseboards, ledges, and vents should all be cleaned.
  • Disinfect all kitchen surfaces with robust cleaning solutions.
  • Workstations, displays, and keyboards must be cleaned and disinfected.

How Often Should You Schedule a Deep Clean?

It is essential to know how often an office should have a deep clean. You may think that every three to six months is enough to get your office clean. But when you use an office deep clean service, you are cleaning the dirt and germs that you couldn’t see or feel. 

These germs and bacteria will continue to build up in your office and can lead to poor health, sick employees, and a poor reputation for your company. A deep clean should be done every three to six months, but if you have more people in the office, cleaning should be done every two months. If you own a business with a high risk of spreading germs and bacteria, more frequent deep cleans should be scheduled.


An office deep clean will make all the difference in the housekeeping of your office. It will increase your services and give your office a more vibrant feel. More importantly, it will improve your air quality and help your employees stay healthy and in a better mood.

AK Building Services is one of the leading cleaning companies in Florida. Our commercial cleaning services ensure our clients get their money’s worth by providing a spotless clean. Please schedule an appointment today and leave the rest of the story with us.

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