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What to Do Before You Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

When you’re preoccupied with running your business, you and your staff may be too busy to prioritize the cleanliness of your workplace. Although it’s great for your bottom line that you have too much work to do, it can also make you unavailable to attend to simple tasks. Over time, the inability to focus on minor chores such as sweeping the floor or taking out the trash can lead to a messy and chaotic work environment.

Messy offices are more than just an eyesore to your staff; it also increases the risk of accidents and chances of getting sick from various contaminants in the area. This is why you should never be too busy to perform daily cleaning routines. If you are, then maybe it’s time to hire a commercial cleaning company.

How to prepare before hiring a commercial cleaning company

Like any service provider, commercial cleaning companies have plenty of competition. As a potential returning client, you must do your due diligence to determine how each company will differ from another. It’s definitely easier to get your office cleaned now and worry about committing to another service later. However, you’ll be losing an opportunity to work with a company you’ll stay in a long-term partnership with.

Before you hire a commercial cleaning company, here are three things you should do:

1. Focus on their value on not on their cost

It’s not uncommon for business providers to confuse the meaning of value and cost. A low cost for a service doesn’t always reflect a better service. Alternatively, a high cost for a service doesn’t always give you a corresponding premium value for their price. This is why it’s vital to choose a service provider depending on how beneficial they’ll be for your company.

Instead of focusing on your budget, look at your checklist of requirements and compare how different providers can address your concerns. Will you need regular indoor deep cleaning? Do your building’s exteriors need power washing treatment? Does your chosen cleaning service use safe chemicals for its job? Answering these questions will help you look past the price tag of a commercial cleaning company’s packages and see if their prices match the value they can offer.

2. Confirm their credibility

Service providers like logistics and commercial cleaning firms serve a wide range of clientele. They either work with individual clients or partner with other companies that need their services. These previous customers should have reviews or testimonials on their service to confirm their credibility. Besides looking at past portfolios, you can also verify their credibility by asking for their licenses and certification. Only professional commercial cleaning companies are reputable enough to pass the tests and quality checks set by their industry’s authority figures.

3. Look for their insurance 

Trade businesses that provide specialized services like plumbing, cleaning, and property restoration need comprehensive liability insurance to cover their workers’ safety. An uninsured office cleaning service will be more trouble for you if an accident occurs within your workplace. Damage to your property or staff can get you tangled in lawsuits that will end up costing you more than their service fees. To avoid these legal headaches, it’s vital to confirm their possession of liability insurance coverage.


Through a thorough screening process, you can avoid the dangers of hiring an underperforming company for the wrong price. Once you’ve trimmed down your options, you’ll be left with just a handful of potential commercial cleaners. You should choose the one that can cover all of your office’s routine cleaning needs.

If you require professional commercial cleaning services in Florida, we’re the right company to call. As South Florida’s leading and trusted commercial cleaning provider, we have a comprehensive portfolio servicing a wide range of clientele. Contact us today at 561-471-8817.

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