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What to Know About Medical Cleaning _ Our Basic Guide

As a healthcare establishment owner, professional, or management personnel, you’re most likely familiar with the fact that maintaining cleanliness is a critical requirement that can’t be overlooked.

Whether you’re handling a full-size hospital, clinic, practice, or urgent care center, it’s critical to ensure that you provide your establishment with everything that it needs to stay as spotless as possible. However, the problem is that you might think that giving every nook and cranny a wipedown is more than enough to ensure that everything is clean and spotless when—in fact—it doesn’t suffice. 

You see, regular cleaning may be enough for the average home but is far from adequate when it comes to keeping a hospital clean because even a single germ can start a crisis in a space full of immunocompromised people. With small microbes from biohazards, waste and other harmful materials being found in even the cleanest areas of a medical area, it’s clear that a greater degree of cleanliness is vital. And this is where the concept of medical cleaning presents itself.

A more cutthroat type of procedure

The basic principle of medical cleaning is rooted in the fact that the margin of error for the cleanliness of hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, and practices is razor-thin. This ultimately means that it requires efforts of proportionate magnitude. 

Typically, the process in question follows a simple yet surprisingly complex goal: every square inch of a healthcare establishment must be clean and disinfected with no exceptions. Compared to ensuring that your medical facility merely looks clean, medical cleaning involves employing methods that will keep surfaces spotless and protect patients and staff members from the spread of infection!

How does it differ from commercial cleaning?

When you compare commercial and medical establishments, the definition and standards of what constitutes “clean” are completely different.

In the case of commercial cleaning, it’s a practice that franchise owners who manage commercial locations like schools, banks, and offices uphold when dealing with dirt, debris, grease, and spillages daily. Oftentimes, the principles, practices, and methods used for this type of cleaning are rudimentary, with a few exceptions to allow business owners to match up with industry standards.  

With medical cleaning, on the other hand, healthcare establishments are required to exhibit a much greater level of care because employees encounter bodily fluids, saline, and other difficult-to-clean substances that contain dangerous pathogens. Considering that these substances can cause infections or other serious effects to the body, the type of cleaning in question is geared towards mitigating them to prevent the spread of sickness. Additionally, the factor that makes medical cleaning different is that regulations and methods are much stricter in intensive care or isolation units because every patient’s immune system is already weakened! 

The scope of work and a solution worth considering 

When you look at the list of factors and areas that need to be handled during a medical cleaning process, there’s usually a fixed set of items to watch out for, such as: 

  • Top, front, sides of a bed’s headboard, mattress, bed frames, footboards, side rails, and between side rails
  • All high-touch areas in the room, including tabletops, bedside tabletops, and inner drawers, phones and cradles, armchairs, door and cabinet handles, room sinks, handles and faucets, light switches, closet handles, IV poles (grab area), IV pump controls, room door knobs/plates
  • TV remotes
  • Nurse call devices and cords

Considering that the list of areas to take care of and rigorously clean in a healthcare establishment is expansive, it’s definitely going to be difficult to handle such a responsibility on your own. Fortunately, this is where a dependable medical cleaner like AK Building Services can lend a hand for your establishment’s cleaning-related needs so that you can focus on saving lives while staying safe! 


Compared to other establishments, healthcare facilities are bound to a much greater standard of cleanliness that is expected of them by regulating authorities and industry standards. If you’re a decision-maker in a clinic, hospital, urgent care center, or practice that’s looking to make a difference in people’s lives while keeping your own space safe, then it’s best to start practicing the process in question!  
AK Building Services provides commercial cleaning and reliable janitorial services in Florida that will keep your medical establishment spotless. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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