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What To Look For In A Cleaning Company

You only have one chance to make a good first impression with potential customers and clients, and that means putting your best foot forward. Having a clean and sanitary environment is crucial to making a great first impression. And because of that, it’s important to hire a cleaning company that you know can get the job done right the first time.  But just how do you know which company to hire? It can be especially hard when you have never hired a commercial cleaning company before–all those different products and services they offer can make the choice overwhelming. We’re breaking it down for you by taking a look at some of the essential qualities you should look for in a cleaning company. Experience and Training It’s key to look for a company with plenty of experience but also one that is committed to continued employee training. This ensures that all employees are up to date on the latest cleaning techniques and safety protocols. In turn, this strengthens accountability and ensures that your facility is cleaned to the highest of standards and increases safety.  Types of Services Offered You want to find a balance, ensuring that you don’t end up hiring a company with too many or too little services. Each company’s environment is unique so it’s important to find a cleaning company that offers the services that your facility needs. Once size does not fit all so look for a cleaning company that offers customizable cleaning plans. If you are a medical facility, it is important to hire a cleaning service that knows how to clean and sterilize your work environment properly.  Supplies and Equipment When you hire a cleaning company, you should expect that they are using the highest quality cleaning products and the best equipment. If your work facility requires special disinfection or sanitization procedures, be sure to ask the cleaning company if that is something they can handle. Also, consider looking into environmentally friendly cleaning services. Flexibility It’s not always appropriate to have cleaning crews during work hours and a cleaning company should be considerate of your business’ needs. Look for a cleaning service that can work around your company’s hours. And if an emergency suddenly arises, such as an overflowing toilet, you will want a company that has the flexibility to send out a team for emergency clean-ups.  Communication and Accountability Nothing works well without great communication so look for a company that is committed to building a lasting relationship with their clients. You should be able to make requests or discuss any concerns you may have with the cleaning company; and these should be addressed in a timely and courteous manner. Look for a company that provides you with a direct primary contact as well as a contact for after-hour emergencies. Safety Standards Safety should be a top priority for you and the cleaning company that you hire. Look for a cleaning service that follows the latest safety and industry standards set forth by organizations such as the CDC, OSHA, EPA and HIPAA.  Of course, look for a company that is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Also, just like any business, the cleaning company should also have established protocols to keep your company’s confidential information protected and private.
Proundly Making Business Shine
Whether you are in the process of evaluating your current cleaning service or searching for a cleaning company for the first time, these tips will help you find a cleaning company that can get the job done right for your unique work environment.  AK Building Services has been making southern Florida businesses shine for over 25 years. We offer office, medical, and condominium cleaning as well as emergency and specialty services. Not only that, but our LEED certified team is committed to using environmentally friendly products and practices that will ensure a safe and healthy working environment or living space.

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