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Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire the Pros to Clean Your Property

If you have your own business or property, you probably already know how important it is to invest in your own organization. But investing in it doesn’t just mean marketing your business or updating your old sign out front. 

It also means investing in the cleanliness of your property. Letting dust and germs build up can have some negative consequences. For one, dirt and grime build up just doesn’t look great. Secondly, it can have a lot of your employees calling out sick more often.

But doing that cleaning on your own can be stressful. Here are 6 big reasons why you should hire a commercial cleaning company. 

1 | Saves You Time

When you hire the pros, they not only clean your property more efficiently, but it saves you time. Rather than your employees taking time out of the work day to clean up their space or the public areas, they can get back to their own tasks of helping the business succeed. It also leaves you free to run the day-to-day operations. Plus, it gives you peace of mind that your building is healthy and clean because the pros are trained and have the right equipment to do the job properly!

2 | It’s Cost Effective

While you may not think it at first, hiring a professional cleaning service actually saves you money in the long run. Not only is time money and you are saving time, but it also helps you offset costs in other ways. Just think of the money you’ll save not having to maintain cleaning equipment and purchasing all of the supplies yourself. Over time, those costs add up.

3 | It’s About Health and Safety

Regular cleaning by a professional cleaning service cuts down on the spread of germs. Without it, you’ll find that the flu or a cold spreads through your workplace like a wildfire! This can lead to more sick days, which actually costs your company profits.

It also provides cleaner, healthier air to breathe. When left unclean or not cleaned often enough, your HVAC system will start to circulate all the bacteria, mold, and dust. While effects aren’t noticed at first, eventually it could lead to respiratory issues for your employees. 

4 | Improves Employee Productivity

There is a known link between workplace cleanliness and employee productivity. A clean environment means that there are less distractions, making it easier for employees to stay focused and productive while on the clock.

It can also lead to greater employee pride in the company and overall satisfaction with their job, lowering your attrition rates. When your employees are happy to come into work, they stick around with the company for longer. So a clean office can truly set your employees, and your company, up for success! 

5 | First Impressions Matter 

We’ve all heard the saying that first impressions matter, but we often hear this in conjunction with people. The same thing applies to buildings. Whether you are welcoming new students, employees, investors, tenants, or shoppers, the appearance of your building says a lot about your organization. A well-cleaned building makes your company more attractive to those visiting or working there. 

6 | Increases Longevity

Finally, when you take care of your things, they last longer! Without regular cleaning, your flooring, carpet, or furniture can degrade over time. With regular cleaning and a good deep cleaning schedule, your things will last for much longer, saving you money in the long run!

Hire Florida’s Dependable Commercial Cleaning Provider

AK Building Services has an extensive portfolio with experience cleaning many different types of properties, from schools to medical buildings. Our employees are trained in the latest techniques to ensure that your property is clean and healthy for everyone. We are also LEED Certified, offering green cleaning services, as well as Hazcom Certified. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable cleaning services and how we can help your organization succeed! 

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