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Why Low-Quality Hospital Cleaning Can Be Dangerous

Running a hospital can be difficult, but the job is made more complicated if you’re faced with unreliable hospital cleaning. Unfortunately, some hospitals face budget challenges that compromise their cleaning services. 

Cleaning contractors and employees are chronically asked to do more with less: they get less manpower, cleaning equipment, and time to complete their jobs. What problems do hospitals combat when they’re unable to maintain consistent hospital cleaning? 

What Are Hospital Acquired Infections? 

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a frequent and potentially life-threatening problem in hospitals. They are infections that are contracted by people who’ve received treatment in the hospital. HAIs can’t be passed from person to person, but they can be passed from one patient to another. The most common healthcare infections are urinary tract infections, surgical site infections, and pneumonia.

Many of these infections are preventable with rigorous hospital cleaning in the right places. It’s frustrating to see hospitals that lack the commitment to cleanliness and it can be dangerous to patients. How does cleaning play a part in preventing hospital-acquired infections?

How Cleanliness Can Help Prevent Hospital Acquired Infections

Even a clean facility will have bacteria, but the right cleaning policies and hospital cleaning techniques can significantly reduce the number of dangerous pathogens. The best hospitals keep their facilities clean and infection-free by following these steps:

  • Dedicating cleaning staff to each unit
  • Using a cleaning checklist to ensure the job is done thoroughly
  • Using hospital cleaning equipment like carpet steamers and high-temperature disinfectants
  • Cleaning surfaces frequently and thoroughly

The hospitals with the lowest infection rates take each of these steps seriously. These steps can also prevent other problems, like human waste and soiled linens, which can harbor bacteria and viruses.

Supplying each room with tidy linens and keeping it free of trash, bedpans, and unused equipment will reduce the risk of transmitting infections. When a hospital can’t provide these services, patients, nurses, and other healthcare providers must handle cleaning tasks.

How Technology Is Helping Clean Hospitals

All of these standard hospital cleaning tasks take time and effort, which is why patients and hospital staff deal with soiled linens and bathrooms. Technology is changing the healthcare industry, and it’s improving hospital cleaning in many ways.

Ultrasound and ultraviolet light are effective ways to kill viruses and bacteria. UV lights are powerful and effective tools that can sanitize surfaces more quickly than traditional cleaning methods. Hospitals can use high-powered UV light to sanitize a variety of things, including the walls, medical equipment, and mattresses.

The benefits of using UV lights to sanitize a hospital are numerous. They’re easy to set up, they’re highly effective, and they can work alongside other hospital cleaning solutions.

Tips for Holistic Hospital Cleaning

Healthcare providers are trying to improve how they clean their hospitals. The best hospitals are improving their cleaning policies, cleaning staff, and cleaning methods. In many cases, they’re using the tools and technology that can provide the most benefits.

The best way to make a hospital clean is by taking these steps:

  • Implementing a strict cleaning policy that’s consistently enforced
  • Making sure to clean surfaces frequently and thoroughly
  • Using the most effective cleaners that match your cleaning needs


It can be difficult to stay on top of hospital cleaning, especially if you’re unable to dedicate enough resources to the task. Hospitals are alleviating this burden by finding the best ways to sanitize their facilities with disinfectants and technology. 

Make sure to stop the spread of hospital-acquired infections in your establishments with the help of AK Building Services. We provide commercial cleaning services to keep your hospitals disinfected and safe. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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