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Why Schools Need Janitorial Cleaning Services During Summer

Summer vacation is the most anticipated break in any school environment. It’s not just the students who are excited to be out and free. It’s the staff and teachers too. This is a time for fun, adventure, and anything their heart desires. 

On the flip side, this is also an excellent opportunity for general cleaning in the school. While janitorial staff does their best to clean up after the kids throughout the school year, there’s nothing quite like a hard reset in the summers. This is when cleaners have a chance to clean up and undo some damage that kids may have left during school.

Here are some of the cleaning tasks that should do during summer break:

Cleaning the Windows

There’s no easy way to clean windows during the school year. With students leaning on them, touching them, and more, it’s almost impossible to keep it clean. Summer break is the perfect time to wash it clean and get them shiny before the new school year begins. 

Windows can become an awful breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, becoming a health hazard for students and staff. With squeegees and safe glass cleaners, deep cleaning should make them feel safe and ready for use once summer is over. This can help create a pleasant and open atmosphere for everyone when they get back to school.

Waxing the Floors

School floors will see heavy abuse over the course of a single school year. By the time summer rolls around, janitors will have their work cut out for them. 

Janitors can wax the floors until they’re shiny and new during the summer. A thorough job can also ensure that the floors stay in good condition for years to come. This helps the school manage its resources. Prevention is always cheaper than solutions. 

Scrubbing Walls

Finally, the walls. Kids in school seem to use the walls for anything and everything, from their sketchpad to a place to stick things where they don’t belong. Walls inside the schools could tell novel-length stories with the many writings and residues students leave behind.

Janitors will quite literally scrub the walls clean during the summer. First, they will perform a thorough wash with cleaning agents and hard brushes. Proper cleaning solutions are required to ensure that it only removes the dirt and writing without damaging the paint job. Janitors will use industrial-sized scrubbers to reach every inch and corner of the walls. 

The Benefits of Janitorial Cleaning in the Summer

Ensuring the school is deep-cleaned and reset during the summer will make it more welcoming when the new school year begins. Even staff will benefit from this as it helps them focus more on their curriculum instead of worrying about the state of their classrooms. Students, particularly those with allergies and skin sensitivities, can enjoy their time in the school safely. 


Janitors can only do so much during the school year. It can be hard to clean everything thoroughly with so little time and with the number of students and staff that occupy the school. 

The best time for janitors to shine is during the summer. It’s also the most important as leaving the school unattended and uncleaned for months on end can only spell trouble once break is over. A clean school environment helps everyone focus on their tasks and spend their time more comfortably on campus.

There’s nothing better than a clean space to ensure everyone is comfortable and ready to take on the year. AK Building Services is one of the best cleaning companies in Florida. You can count on us to clean and wipe every surface and corner of your establishment until it’s spotless and good as new. Contact us today for more information!

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