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You Take My Breath Away… Literally  

How cleaning products affect air quality

Ah, love. It can take our breath away. But you know what also can take our breath away? Cleaning products. We usually know when we walk into a room where there are harsh chemicals making it hard to breathe. Love we’ll take, but we will not stand for cleaning products affecting our air quality and making it hard to breathe. 


Why do some cleaning products affect air quality in a bad way?



Many commercial cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When released into the air, VOCs can cause serious problems and they can be found in so many things in life from perfumes to cleaning products and more. They can feel good because they have a pleasant smell, but the chemicals released into the air can cause headaches, respiratory problems, irritation of eyes and nose, and more. For many decades now, we’ve grown accustomed to cleaning products with VOCs to the point that many of us accept them as normal and often best. 


A Different Way To Do Commercial Cleaning

At AK Building Services, we take these very seriously. We are providers of Green Seal Certified products and use them as our baseline cleaning products. Green Seal has developed a set of standards that are based on a scientific approach and are judged on sustainability to the environment as well as health to human beings. They set standards for products from commercial cleaning applications to products you might use in your own home. 


We Care About People

Just because we CAN use products with VOCs, it doesn’t mean we should. We are focused on doing what’s right and what’s best for our customers and the people who use their spaces. You can’t always visibly see the difference in air quality, but based on the healthier products we use, your lungs will feel the difference. We also use these products because they are the right choice for our entire team. When our cleaning crews are using these products every single day, we want to make sure they are also breathing in healthy air as well. 


So, while our cleaning products won’t make you swoon like Tom Cruise might, they WILL help get your space clean in a healthy way. And, we believe that’s something we all can get behind!  


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